Thyroid Aromatherapy

Thyroid Aromatherapy

Chronic pain, fatigue and fibromyalgia can include an underlying thyroid problem. Common symptoms of lower thyroid include “brain fog” or senility in the elderly; malaise and fatigue often misdiagnosed as depression; dry, brittle hair, skin and nails or thinning hair; constipation; cold hands feet or susceptibility to coldness, low body temperature under 98.6; weight gain or inability to lose weight; heart attacks and symptoms of heart trouble, especially in women; miscarriages and infertility; unresolved nerve pain.   Pain aromatherapy is a topical solution to help with these matters.  Our thyroid aromatherapy blend may  safely be used along with over the counter and prescription medications or these pain aromatherapy blends may be used on their own. 

The thyroid is the body’s main metabolizer. It allows nutrients from foods available to be absorbed. We are not only what we eat, but, more importantly, what we metabolize. The thyroid is affected by stress and “aging”, which may lower optimal capacity.  

Toxic Thyroid is a blend of essences and essential oils, applied topically that can enhance the thyroid’s performance. It is not hormonal or a substitute for thyroid hormones. It may be used as an adjunct to hormone therapy and to reduce symptoms of low thyroid.

Toxic Thyroid has also helped those suffering from symptoms of hyperthyroid: rapid heartbeat, anxiety and inability to gain weight are major symptoms. Always contact a physician when symptoms occur that may require blood work and medical supervision.

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