Low Dopamine and Weight Gain

Low dopamine levels in the brain lead to weight gain. Dopamine gives the brain power and the body energy. Low receptors and levels in the brain cause abnormal hunger, sugar cravings and fatigue.
Petite fleur Essences catalyze balance and healing in brain chemistry. Applied daily they enhance chemical messengers bringing balance and correction in the brain, increasing energy and stamina, while reducing cravings and abnormal hunger.  The Petites have been researched for the past 30 years and featured in The Healing Power of Flowers documentary available at my website and shown on cable television.
Knotted marjoram  reduces compulsive eating; binges.
Pink Rose  the need to substitute food for love.
Country Marilou  reduces uncomfortable feelings about how you look.
Weighless  reduces appetite
Weight  balances blood sugar and promotes weight loss.
Cravings  reduces abnormal hunger.
Lighten Up helps overweight children reduce excess weight.
Energy  reduces fatigue and increases dopamine levels and uptake.
The Petites work quickly to encourage healing and natural weight loss without side effects of dependency.
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