Amazing Results with Lavender

Dear Dr. Griffin,  I was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma on my face early this year and told my nephew, who is more like a little brother, about the diagnosis.  His reply was “call God, anoint with oil and be well.”  

In early May this nephew was seriously injured in amotorcycle accident.  He had extensive brain injuries, kidney, bladder and liver injuries.  A few days after the accident I was flipping channels and came across a documentary about Dr. Judy Griffin and Flowers that Heal.  I watched with interest and wrote down your name and phone number at the end of the film.

The next day while sitting on my porch anxious about my nephew, I heard his voice again saying “call God, anoint with oil and be well” and my mind immediately went to your documentary “anoint with oil”  - your flower infusions.  I jumped up, found the number and called.   You were so helpful and shipped overnight the lavender oil and room spray you suggested for him.

I used it the very same day and his blood pressure dropped within 10 minutes, his breathing stabilized, and his heart rate dropped to normal within 13 minutes.  Two nurses and his doctor watched with interest as this happened.  We continued to use the lavender essence for three weeks and now almost 4 months later, Mike is walking with assistance, talking, remembering and regaining his cognitive skills.  His right side is still week but improving daily.  His only request was that “he wanted his language back.”  His throat was damaged by the respirator and he speaks quietly and with deliberation.  His healing is truly a miracle and I thank you for helping with that at the onset of his injury.  I know it worked!

Your kindness, knowledge and willingness to share your wonderful products are truly a blessing from God.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

God Bless you,

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