Male Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome

Male Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome
Men are experiencing effects of endocrine disruption from artificial estrogens in plastics and synthetic fragrances in toiletries. Symptoms especially affect younger men and include undescended testicles, deformed penis, poor sperm quality and low sperm counts.
Testicular cancer has doubled in the last 50 years. Low doses of phenols and phthalates hijack serum testosterone and androgens, scrambling male characteristics in fish, birds, wild life and now men. Endocrine disruption in infants and fetus’ is irreversible. Thousand of estrogen-like chemicals are circulating in most household products and recycled as #3 plastics. These chemicals are not required to be listed on labels in commercial products because of the low dosage.
Ozonated water may be able to correct contamination in sewer and drinking water. However, as consumers, we can demand much greater safety measures in U.S. and imported products. Scientists have collected data to identify the source of endocrine disruptors. The next giant step is to remove these toxins from plastics, detergents, toiletries and cosmetics. Male Power is an aromatic, nontoxic herbal topical product organically grown and produced on site to assist natural healing and endocrine balance for males.
Enviromental is a topical aromatic designed to protect the body’s natural defenses from environmental contaminants.
Detox gently assists in natural detoxification as a topical aromatic, nontoxic blend.
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