Cancer pain is usually associated with bone, nerve and muscle pain.
Nausea is a separate issue and can be helped with Harmony Blend applied to the neck, wrist and inner ear 3 times daily, or every 15 minutes and until nausea stops.
Neuropathy is a burning tingling limb pain. Nerve pain and neuropathy can be helped with Lymph Flow lotion applied 3 times daily to the arms, legs, hands and feet. lotion may be applied to the same areas when numbness occurs. and can be used for lymphademga.
Lymph Flow lotion removes excess fluid and reduces toxicity and metabolic waste through lymphatic tissue. It is an energizer.Circulation Booster lotion increases circulation through the bloodstream throughout the body. Both can be used by alternating application 2 - 3 times daily on limbs and as a body lotion.
Several essence blends help cancer pains. Relax the Shoulders is an essence blend that assists the nerves in healing and rejuvenating from neuropathy. Stop Suffering should be used 3 times daily to help the body reduce pain receptors that cycle into any chronic pain syndrome. It can be used with pain and other medications. The blend relieves emotional pain as well as physical pain.
Neuropathy in cancer patients is often caused by chemotherapy agents. Dietary management may help prevent the onset and assist in healing side effects. Pyridoxal phosphate, B6, may reduce the incidence of neuropathy. Food sources include animal protein, whole grains, bananas, blackstrap molasses and many vegetables. Magnesium may also reduce neuropathy. Sources include wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, seafood, seaweeds, nuts and beans. (See Slice of Life, Griffin, J.: Herbal Health Inc. Fort Worth, Texas)
Nausea is also addressed through diet. Ginger Tea is often used to remove toxins that precipitate nausea. Caution should be used due to ginger's ability to thin the blood. This can cause bleeding and hemorrhaging, especially if platelets are low. Harmony Blend is safe, topical and effective. It also helps to reduce pain from neuropathy.
XCirculation Booster 
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