By Dr. Judy Griffin
Although there are several different types of autism with similar symptoms, aromatherapy for autismis aided by the ADD/ADHD therapeutic blend. Autism is 10 times more common since the 1980’s, affecting 1 in 70 males and 1 in every 110 children. Autism is the fastest growing disability in the U.S., diagnosed more than cancer, AIDS and juvenile diabetes combined! New studies reveal different types of autism from genetics, environmental pollution and immunity. Dr. Amaral, from the University of California Davis Autism Phenome Project, sites a study indicating the brain of certain males with autism gets too large too soon during development. This could interfere or reduce the efficiency of neural transmission. Despite the type of autism, many of the behavioral symptoms respond to theADD/ADHD aromatherapy therapeutic blend (available at 
The ADD/ADHD aromatherapy spray is a blend of Petite Fleur essences and Aromahealthtexas essential oils. This aromatic blend is very grounding and enhances focus and the ability to follow through with a thought, plan or action. One adult male was able to speak coherently, talk on the phone and complete transactions successfully after 4 to 5 months of daily topical applications. The effect and time involved may differ with individuals.
Immune response is another factor in autism. Dr. Amaral states about 12 percent of women with autistic children have antibodies affecting the fetal brain. This may lead to a subset of families who may have autistic children. The ADD/ADHD aromatherapy for autism blends essential oils and Petite Fleur Essences to help reduce immune inflammatory responses. It also helps address general genetic imbalances that may increase the possibility of illness, and autoimmune reactions.
Environmental factors are cited by Dr. Amaral as an increasing concern for the rise of autism. The University of California study indicates a 55% risk of autism caused by shared environmental factors. The concern is that pesticides and other toxic agents introduced into the environment are casing and/or increasing the incidence of autism. ADD/ADHD aromatherapy also addresses protecting the immunity as well as detoxifying, especially, lymphatic impurities. There is also an Environmental aromatherapy therapeutic blend that works synergistically to protect and build a strong immune response. Dr. Amaral states that autism is rising around the world and environmental factors are definitely involved. Involvement of the general public is needed, on behalf of autistics. to reduce environmental risks. 
I use only pure organic essential oils and Petite Fleur Essences. The source plants are grown using only organic gardening techniques, steam distilled in glass, and hand separated in glass, all on site.  I use no hexane or petrochemicals in my gardens or lab. The ADD/ADHD aromatherapy therapeutic blend has the potential, overtime, to enhance neural connections and transmissions necessary to overcome the behavioral symptoms included in autism as a complementary therapy for autistic children and adults.
To order or for more information, either visit my website at or call me, Dr. Judy Griffin, at 1-800-496-2125.
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