Learning Disabilities and Self Improvement "Back to School Sale"

Over 25% of western population suffers from learning disabilities. Learning disabilities originate from a group of neurological disorders affecting the ability to recall, spell, receive, process, store, express and respond to information and the environment. Learning disabilities affect a large percentage f adults and children even if intelligence is above average. Autistics often suffer from learning and social disabilities. Daily life is affected in many ways: social life, work, school, family and everyday routines. Difficulties affect interpretation of what is seen, heard, read; math, coordination, self-control, attention, as well as understanding the spoken and written word. Learning problems are considered a life-long disorder. Your body knows how to heal itself and balance the rhythm that coordinates brain waves and chemistry. Aromas are the quickest and most efficient way to balance brain chemistry and rhythm. Cognitive decline begins by 27 years old. The following blends are on sale to enhance the school year and daily life:
Enhance Learning –  Stimulates the mind and encourages the retention of knowledge and wisdom.  Enhances concentration and focus on studying and learning new skills.
Learning Skills–  Increases alertness, focus, and concentration for adults and children.  Apply before school and study time.  Aids those with learning challenges.
Recall Memory –  Aids short-term memory.  Enhances study habits and sensory perception.  Aids in completing daily work tasks efficiently.
ADD/ADHD— Enhances focus and concentration for children and adults while calming the mind.
Smarty Pants- Encourages learning, attention span, for concentration and retention of written, verbal and visual schoolwork.
Chill Out –  Reduces anxiety, stress, restlessness and hyperactive behavior.
Dream time –  Enhances restful sleep by relieving fretful dreams, difficulty sleeping and waking up during the night. –
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