Learning disabilities

Enhanced Learning "I am a teacher who has a TAKS test for the State. The first time I used Enhanced Learning many students scored higher. The next year I used the product, they all passed! This year on my benchmark, they scored above 90! I am so excited to see how they do on the exam this year! Thank you!" - Betsy N., 6th and 8th grade teacher Approximately 13.7% of our children have developmental disabilities affecting their learning skills. The impairments include speech, language, intellect, cerebral palsy and escalating rates of autism. Attention deficit and hyperactivity affects more than 4.5 million school age children and at least 5% of the adult population. These percentages increase by 3% annually. And, for the remaining population, be aware that memory begins it's descent at age 27. So we all have work to do. First we need to understand how aromatherapy and aromatic flower essences help us. We are born with a unique scent, harmonized by aromas. Every illness and symptom of imbalance has an odor which can be altered by scent. These aromas should conform to the highest standards to affect healing. They assist us in reaching our highest goals. Aromas and essences are catalysts, not drugs, without side effects. Aromas trigger memory in the limbic brain, bypassing the reasoning brain, the cerebral cortex. We react to aromas prior to conscious awareness. Scents release neurotransmitters from the brain: encephalines (pain); endorphins (pleasure and pain); serotonin (relaxation); and noradrenalin (energy). These affect our moods and stress management: sleep, depression, anxiety, tension and pain. Aromas also increase circulation, relaxation, balance the central nervous system, and reduce dehydration. They awaken our vital energy, mental alertness, intuitive discernment, and short term memory stored in the limbic brain. Heart rate, breathing, and the digestive process react to scent, often within 1/100th of a second. Smell is the oldest sense. It is 10 times greater than the other senses and travels directly to the brain. The nose is an extension of the brain. Scents initiate T-cell production of the immune system; affecting organs through lymph drainage and connective tissue. Our skin is the largest detoxifying organ, repelling fungal, viral, and bacterial invasions as our first line of defense. Applying or spraying Enhanced Learning on or near pulse points helps children and adults learning behavior. memory, career and school work. Enhanced learning helps those challenged with learning disabilities and diagnoses such as autism, to develop their highest potentials. Some experience immediate help, others get better in 3 weeks to 3 months. Wear Enhanced Learning daily for optimal results.
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