Allergy and Flu Season


Looking for allergy relief? Allergy is a topical subtle, aromatic blend to relieve allergy symptoms, such as itchy, burning skin, eyes, stinging, redness, runny nose, sneezing and wheezing. Topical application 2 to 3 times daily lessens or removes common allergy symptoms from influences such as animal dander, pollens, weeds, grasses, plants and dust mites.
Allergy is available in concentrated drops or spray and may be applied safely to the neck, throat and wrists for quick action in the body. Allergy is not a drug, yet offers hope for a more normal efficient immune response to common allergens.Allergy Petite Fleur blend enhances and balances immune responses naturally, assisting the body to better health. Allergy begins to work with your body immediately. Results are individual, yet improve over a period of weeks and months. Avoid applying Allergy to broken skin or near the eyes.
Allergy will not cause drowsiness or over stimulation. It may be used with children 4 and older. Children under 4 may apply a special blend formulated by Dr. Judy Griffin upon request. Allergy or a special blend can be formulated without aromatic scent. Allergy has also been successfully used with pets who suffer from seasonal allergies.
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The H1N1 flu may affect up to 15% of the global population, including up to 500,000 deaths in 2000. The latest strain of H1N1 virus is a combination of bird, pig, human and Eurasian pig flu virus. Transmission is primarily through respiratory droplets, with symptoms lasting up to 6 days of fever, cough (dry), headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, fatigue and sinus congestion. Highest risks include children with neuromuscular conditions, people with weakened immunity, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, asthmatics and pregnant women, especially in the third trimester. Risk of nonresistant multi-strain staph infection can lead to pulmonary embolism. Children from 6 months through teen years may be more susceptible due to daycare and school exposure. Rest, increased liquids and time best reduce symptoms. Aspirin and all salicylate products should not be administered due to high risk of developing Reye’s syndrome 6 days after onset of flu symptoms. Rey’s includes nausea, vomiting, disorientation and fatty infiltration of the liver. Vaccination or flu shots contain and egg base. Those allergic to egg should consult a physician. Prevention may be enhanced with Elderberry herbal — Extractions of elderberry have shown clinically to protect humans from H1N1 infection in human studies.
Cold & Flu as a spray or concentrate, prevents and treats symptoms.
Sinus spray & Decongest aroma blend () keeps the sinuses open during allergy and flu season. Recovery Petite fleur blend aids in rebuilding immunity and preventing secondary infections. Lime-Aide lotion applied to the hands and skin is antiseptic. Herbals to combat symptoms and build immunity include: Cough , Strong Lung , Defense and Protection .
Cold Sores aroma blend prevents and heals fever blisters. Allergy Petite fleur spray or concentrate aids in relief of seasonal allergies.

Personal Health Analysis

A personal health analysis may include symptom and client complaints, prior diagnosis by a physician or blood work analysis to balance and determine amounts of the correct foods nutrition and herbs for individual needs and metabolic pathways. Consultation lasts one hour. Dr. Griffin listens to the individual, writes a personal program for the client, answers questions, and gives referrals as necessary to assist each person's needs. Clients are offered one of Dr. Griffin's herbal tonics to increase energy or reduce stress at no extra charge.
A rapport is established with clients to promote a synergistic working relationship between Dr. Griffin and her clients, The consultation is educational. Additional supplements or supplies are available at the discretion of the client, Dr, Griffin works with each client at their level of understanding and ability to complete a program, No one is expected to sacrifice pleasure to achieve health. A moderate step by step approach assures success. Dr. Griffin's comprehensive knowledge of medical and complementary nutritional methods assists individuals in greater health without expensive tests. She creates a balanced nutritional program without depending on computer programs, fads, and outdated information.
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