Aromatherapy for Cancer

Cancer Aromatherapy is used to assist patients in dealing with the various side effects and issues involved with cancer treatments.  Flower essences work with the body in a natural way and may be used during chemotherapy and radiation.  These cancer aromatherapy products have been successfully used in hospitals, clinics and by patients.
Petite Fleur Essences
Harmony Blend reduces anxiety, nausea, physical mental and emotional distress.
Manage Pain is used with pain management to reduce symptoms of acute and chronic pain, neuralgia and inflammation.
Deep Sleep alleviates anxiety and insomnia.
Cold&Flu protects from and reduces viral infections.
Fatigue alleviates chronic fatigue symptoms, fibromyalgia and aching muscles.
Recall Memory assists in recovering from “chemo” brain or brain fog.
Recovery catalyzes innate healing after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
Relaxation aids positive reprogramming for stress related illness including anxiety/depression.
Self Image reduces stress and shame after hair loss, change of body image and mobility, aiding patients to feel victorious in their life’s journey.
Grief overcomes the symptoms of the loss of a loved one, a career or a part of the body.
Therapeutic aloe based, non-paraben lotions (also for loved ones) include:
Relax the Shoulders reduces stress, headaches and shoulder pain.
Lymph Flow for neuropathy.
Circulation Booster especially helpful for those with diabetes and heart complications.
Lime-Aide antiseptic hand lotion.
No More Pain lotion reduces acute and traumatic pain.
Pain Management lotion reduces chronic and episodic pain.
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