Headache / Sinus Pain Aromatherapy

Relax the Shoulders Headaches are a common source of pain and often mysterious in nature. Most headaches are related to tension and muscle tightening in the neck and base of the skull. Stress, alignment and ergonomics are often the cause of tension headaches. Aromatherapy is increasing in use for helping reduce headache and sinus pain. These are non-invasive aromatherapy pain products that are topically applied and may be safely used concurrently with over the counter and prescription medications.

Relax the Shoulders lotion massaged onto the neck, collarbone and shoulders is best for tension headaches. Deep Massage essence blend applied on the temples and across the forehead help reduce cyclical pain and pain receptors. Each pain aromatherapy blend is calming and soothing. Relaxation and Reduce Stress blends promote calmness and stamina to reduce everyday stressors.

Migraine headaches have several symptoms: sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, auras, tingling, clumsiness and difficulty communicating and hearing. Many factors trigger migraines: hormone imbalance, weather, stress, fatigue, hunger, diet, trauma and neck injuries. Sufferers should use these pain aromatherapy products: Deep Massage daily, and Relax the Shoulders lotion on the neck and shoulders twice daily.

Sinusitis and subsequent headaches and facial pain are best helped with Decongest aroma blend lightly massaged around the nose, cheeks, on the temples and forehead. The Sinus spray can be used throughout the day for quick relief. Allergy blend is also used when common allergens cause sinusitis.

Ear infections are common to most children by the age of three. Deep Massage blend can be worn to reduce pain during medical treatment. Unwind aroma blend worn behind the ears and/or side of the neck increase drainage and may help reduce re-occurrence. If re-occurrence continues, dietary changes may be needed.

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