Creating Wellness - Dealing with Inflammation

The adrenals are two glands located above the kidneys. Each gland produces important hormones. They act like the “brain” inside the lower body and are involved with neuro-chemical re-uptake with the brain. Adrenals are major stress organs that affect blood pressure, inflammatory response, immune function, blood sugar, muscle spasms and pain levels. The adrenals efficiency can be lowered by stress, pain and trauma, emotional or physical. Essence blends that may help the adrenals include Reduce Stress and Inner Strength. Reduce Stress reduces symptoms and stressors affecting the adrenals. Inner Strength helps build stamina and immune functions. The adrenals work like batteries and need a charge to keep going.

For those who also have autoimmune diseases and functions, Snapdragon, Yarrow and Recovery will also reduce over reactions and lowered functions of the adrenals. Autoimmune reactions include allergies, hives and psoriasis. Autoimmune diseases include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and juvenile diabetes. Other illnesses such as chemical sensitivities, diabetes and thyroiditis include injury to adrenal sufficiency. Enhancing thyroid and adrenal function increases quality of life and decreases chronic pain syndromes.

A safe and effective herbal longevity tonic, foti, increases thyroid and adrenal function. In Chine, Foti, Ho Shou Wu, is more popular and effective than ginseng. I do not recommend ginseng for chronic pain and chronic illness because it is “heating” to the body. Foti is warming and nurturing. I have used it to support adrenal/thyroid functions and replenish healthy bone tissue in osteoporosis clients. Foti will return hair to a dark color that has grayed, when taken as a liquid tincture over several months. Healthy hair is a sign of healthy adrenals and thyroid.


Cecil Bruner Sweetheart Rose


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