Question from a client

I recently received this question from a client:

Your mentioned blends that stimulate lymphatic drainage.  Can you tell me more about these and how they are used?  Thanks.

The essences and blends are used topically. Herbal tonics are diluted and sipped like a tea. There is info on the health articles (see the left hand tabs on the front page of the website, look under lymph drainage or type "lymph" in the search box in the top right corner and click "Go.") There are several products that help.

The lymph system does not have circulation, like the heart and other organs. There are lymph glands throughout the intestines, under the arms, breasts, tonsils to name a few. These are where toxins can easily build. They are also places where cancers are likely to occur. The essential oils and essences move the energy in these areas and help toxins leave through the kidneys and skin, often the lungs. Essential oils can be measured in the urine output within a few  hours after applying them. I don't know anything that works faster. They are compatible with massage and body work or effective on their own. Lightly massaging the products on any of these areas catalyzes self healing in the body. The body only knows how to heal and compensates trying to avoid illness and keep going.

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Judy Griffin, PhD

Dr Judy Griffin - Final phase of distillation
Dr Judy Griffin - Final phase of distillation
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