Lymph Flow and Comfrey Yarrow Cream

A few years ago my lower leg was stepped on by one of my young horses. It was not broken, but terribly crushed. I developed a staph infection which took six months to clear up. Working with a natural physician throughout the process, I learned that the lymph channels had been damaged where he had stepped, just above my ankle in my lower leg. She did many lymph massages as part of my recovery. Then I found your products and used the 
Lymph Flow to do my own massages. It cleared the pain in other parts of my leg which I had learned to recognize as trapped lymph. I use Lymph Flow to this day when I am overactive and my leg swells. It gets the lymph moving beautifully.After four years, it seems my leg is about as good as it will get. I am very active, and I tend to overdo it. My very favorite product for my lingering swelling and discomfort is your Comfrey Yarrow cream. It is nothing short of miraculous. When my leg swells and aches, I massage in this cream and within a short time the swelling goes down and the pain is relieved. Nothing else works like the Comfrey Yarrow cream, and I would not be without it! Thank you for your wonderful products. They have contributed so much to my recovery and continued well being.
Name withheld upon request
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