How to use absolutes and essential oils


Lavender can be worn "neat", which means undiluted like a perfume or cologne,usually on the neck.

lavender oil can be diluted for healing the skin 2 ways.

!. Dilute a few drops in a carrier oil. I use marula and red raspberry carrier oils. A carrier oil is an oil to dilute essential oils. Most essential oils must be diluted. After diluting lavender in a carrier oil, you apply it to the skin, where it's dry, cracked, rashy. Or, you can apply it on your face at night as a moisutrizer. These carrier oils are also good for the skin as a moisturizer.

2. You can dilute 5 drops of lavender in a cup of very warm water and it will diffuse in a room. It helps folks sleep at night or be calmer.

Essential oils are best worn on the skin. It takes pounds of lavender flowers to make an ounce of oil. They are highly concentrated alcohols and terpines. The word oil refers to their oily feeling.  Essential oils work very quickly when they are inhaled, 1/100th of a second. Internally, the stomach and liver have to process all it's properties and the effect is very diluted.

The Jasmine Grandiflora is an absolute. They are worn as natural perfumes. They can be used in a solid wax perfume or diluted with other complimentary absolutes, such as Orange flower. So apply a drop or two on your neck or wrist.

Both Jasmine and Lavender are very calming. They reduce anxiety, moods and every day depression about situations. It takes many pounds of jasmine flowers to make 1/4 ounce of absolute.

You made excellent fragrant choices. I hope this helps and you email or call me with questions.

Happy holidays and every blessing, Judy

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