Aromatherapy to Leave the Past Behind

Leaving the Past Behind


Some memories can keep us from being totally present and productive today and in the future.  These include regrets, grudges and bad feelings about results of seemingly best behavior, projects and goals.  When life seems to sour, one of my favorite Petite Fleur Essences is Bachelor Button .  It especially helps when we cannot forget or release the past and encourages us to embrace the present and future.  The best way to change the past is to change who you are and being the best you can be today.


If compassion and forgiveness continue to elude you, Lilac Petite Fleur Essence may also help you.  The essences may be worn at the same time.  Lilac helps heal the deepest wounds by assisting self-forgiveness. Build your future where for and against are forgotten  


The Healing Flowers book and The Healing Power of Flowers DVD have more information.


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