Aromatherapy to Recover from Abuse

The psychologically harmful effects of abuse have long term effects on the recipient. The source can be power, control, anger, bullying or manipulation. Emotional scars and memories of emotional, physical or mental abuse can be healed over time. The Petite Fleur Essences most utilized to facilitate immediate self healing include:

Ranunculus- Encourages healing through touch and self nurturing.


Japanese Magnolia - Helps replace the codependent victim needs with independence and self-actualization.

Lilac   -   Enlightens the individual with forgiveness and self-forgiveness. It should be worn every time memories occur and before therapy.

African Violet - Encourages a peaceful state when one feels lonely or in need of protection.

Peer Pressure – Reduces the need to please others.

Madame Louis Levique Antique Rose - Helps surrender insecurities and any desire to be controlling.

Viridiflora - Helps the individual take back his/her power.

White Hyacinth - Releases shock and trauma from the body’s memory and enhances a new sense of self reliance.

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