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PetiteFleur Essence Testimonial: Lily

Mam shared your email just now JudyThank You so much Sounds goodToday I have used Oats and Lily Lily is speaking to me & having insights around how to have control or where my power liesTo help me with how I lost that feeling of safety in my body When...

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Aromatic Tumerones for Diabetes

Recently, we received a testimonial for Aromatic Tumerones greatly reducing diabetes. After 2 months taking 1-2  of Tumerones daily, her medication was reduced to a small dose of Metformin  RX. She was taking  insulin daily. My suggestion to her is to continue Aromatic Tumerones on a regular basis, 1 daily...

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How Males and Females Experience Pain

Pain is experienced differently between sexes.In recent studies, male mice use cells along the spinal column, called microlgia, to signal pain. Females experienced pain through immune T cells. Inhibition of pain followed the same processes. This will be significant for future therapy and medication. Aromahealthtexas offers a combination of pain...

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Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa, a South American seed vegetable, benefits blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, inflammation and subsequent heart disease and cancer. It is a low carb complete protein packed gluten free food often substituted for a grain.High magnesium levels normalize blood pressure as it relaxes blood vessels. High quercitin,...

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