Petite Fleur Essence Favorites

Having a difficult time choosing the right Petite Fleur Essences? The following  original Petites ( 84 kit) can be helpful in a variety of circumstances to  balance  emotions and well being. Massage 2 drops 3 x daily on the wrist or clean skin .  Also read the Petite Fleur Essence page online and The Healing Flowers book by Judy Griffin. Contact for suggestions at No Charge.

African Violet fulfills a feeling of love from within, encouraging a good feeling about yourself in any circumstance. "I am lifted up on the petals of love."

Amaryllis: helps overcome fears and anxiety about the future and separation anxiety." I step out in faith to achieve the greatest good."

Aquilegia Columbine : enhances autonomy, dropping roles others give to us. The essence helps in all mothering/nurturing issues."I drop the roles others have given me to become autonomous."

Basil: helps overcome inferiority and guilt. Self worth helps achieve goals and financial rewards." Perfection and achievement shine before me."

Bluebonnet: Helps awaken the call of destiny, what are we here to do.A greater force now leads us from intuitive awareness." I bloom from my inner awareness."

Bougainvillea: helps remove the emotional pain of guilt, shame and blame. "Unconditional love shatters the illusion of guilt"

Bouquet of Harmony: directs emotional energy into constructive power, keeping us in the present moment. Wear it every 15 minutes for stressful conditions for protection and safe boundaries, or 3 x daily to discipline the mind and spark the imagination. " I am the melody of creation".

Dill: releases the ultimate ego fear of death and abandonment. " I am never alone".

Gardenia: Supports relationships and  attract "soul mates" without emotional complications. Long range goals awaken deeper values to benefit many using constructive actions. "My plans fulfill my future."

Japanese Magnolia: Helps overcome being an overly dependent victim .The subtle energy of the early spring blooms help balance fluids, and electrolytes, promoting nutritional well being, and encouraging a balance of creative and self nurturing energy. "I am a blend of opposites."

Lemon Grass:aids those feeling rejected by others. The source is often feeling parental rejection. Love hurts can change into self fulfillment. " I am a starburst of joy."

Lilac: teaches forgiveness of self and others.The essence encourages  letting go  and a peaceful mind."I am the tenderness of first love".

Peppermint: helps release the belief in loss. " I am the realization of my heart's desire."

Ranunculus: helps nurture those who have been deprived of tenderness or abused. "I am the resurrection of the mind."

Red Rose: aids those who suffer from negative thoughts and emotions. Over time, I have seen this essence improve physical appearance. " I am the joy of a full bloom".

Salvia: helps those who lack self esteem and feel self conscious find unique attractiveness. "I am the silhouette of beauty."

Snapdragon: increases discernment, raising the consciousness of self protection. This essence helps balance people with autoimmune responses. " I am the wisdom of inner judgement."

Vanilla: protects  from negative influences from ourselves and others, increasing security and enhancing the aura of protection encircling us." I am protected by the arms of nature."

Viridiflora: directs and magnify  the energy moving up and down the spine, coordinating purpose and movement. " I bloom from personal power".

White Hyacinth: releases traumatic experiences and birth trauma, allowing a sense of strength and self control. " I experience security and pleasure."

Wisteria: opens the heart chakra, reducing stress and encouraging love without competition." I am the love that teaches by example."







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