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Underlying Immune Deficiency

Underlying Immune Deficiency
Widespread Candida overgrowth, encouraged by summer heat, may cause many G.I. symptoms,cystitis, female complaints, white discharge/ vaginitis, joint pain, chronic inflammation, chronic fatigue,headaches, allergies, brain fog and endocrine imbalances. Continue reading

Aromatic Tumerones for Diabetes

Recently, we received a testimonial for Aromatic Tumerones greatly reducing diabetes. After 2 months taking 1-2  of Tumerones daily, her medication was reduced to a small dose of Metformin  RX. She was taking  insulin daily.

My suggestion to her is to continue Aromatic Tumerones on a regular basis, 1 daily as possible to continue healing and avoid symptoms in the future. Diabtes is a disease with multiple organs affected by inflammation. Aromatic Tumerones are a natural answer to correct insulin and reduce heart disease, neuropathy Alzheimers, and many other symptoms of aging and diabetes.

The body's energy is dynamic, not static. This means we do the things that help us stay healthy on a regular basis. If more unwanted symptoms occur, it may be necessary to make changes and add other nutrients to reduce symptoms. Nature offers an abundance of healing plants and minerals to further our health and experiences.

Happy Healing!

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Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa, a South American seed vegetable, benefits blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, inflammation and subsequent heart disease and cancer. It is a low carb complete protein packed gluten free food often substituted for a grain.High magnesium levels normalize blood pressure as it relaxes blood vessels. High quercitin, omega 3 and saponin levels  reduce,  inflammation. The Journal of Food Science found the saponins in quinoa decrease nitric oxide, an inflammatory mediator, in a 2014 study.  It also inhibits inflammatory cytokines that reduce tumor necrosis. Quinoa  reduces obesity when ingested daily.It is a low sodium food high in dietary fiber. International standards are being discussed to assure quality. Nasa is considering quinoa as a cultivated crop for lengthy manned  space flights. Quinoa will surely be an important food for the future. Continue reading

Blood Sugar correction

Dr. Griffin made my Dad a special blend for his blood sugar about 6 months ago. His blood sugar was in the 600's. It took about 6 months for his numbers to drop to 130. The doctors are very pleased. My Dad did this with out insulin, only his special blend. Our whole family now has a special blend for their individual health  needs  now and we are all having positive results without side effects.

Dr. Griffin makes a special blend in phone consultation. Tell her what problems you have and she mixes flower essences and essential oils in a 1 ounce amber bottle. She mails it to you. Then, every day you massage 15 drops on clean skin twice daily. Sometimes she tells us where to place the drops on the body, the neck, the tummy,or the chest. Each month or 2,  when we call to reorder, she asks how we are doing and changes the blend as needed for no extra charge.

The consult with a blend costs $80.00. To reorder, it costs only $40.00, well within our budgets.

Our doctors don't mind us having a special blend because we are getting better and the blends are topical. Maybe the doctors should get a special blend too!

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