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PetiteFleur Essence Testimonial: Lily

Mam shared your email just now Judy

Thank You so much
Sounds good

Today I have used Oats and Lily
Lily is speaking to me & having insights around how to have control or where my power lies
To help me with how I lost that feeling of safety in my body
When my body was really speaking to me about how I felt pressured or worries about being good enough, but I was only 14, and I didn't know, I was not aware I had those concerns.
So I didn't know when the burnout spoke to me what it was about and instead over time I then felt scared and that lost control over how I felt and how I could live.
Lily is helping me today seeing I hadnt lost control i just hadn't known what and why
Or where my power lay. I keep my book next to me and enjoying it. Continue reading

How NAC antioxidant Increases Melanoma Growth

Melanoma is a very invasive, fast growing cancer, enhanced by NAC. N Acetyl Cysteine is an antioxidant that increases reduced glutathione in cells.It is available in all cells, including melanoma tumors. Cells are dependent on NAC for energy and cleansing normal cells. Melanoma is able to utilize NAC to double the migration and invasion of cancer cells into normal cells.It also increases an enzyme,rhoA, activated by cancer cells during migration and invasion. NAC can double the amount of cancer cells inside melanoma.

Scientific research is guiding cancer patients with information about particular antioxidants that can increase cancer growth. Every type of cancer is unique. NAC should be avoided as a supplement if melanoma is present. This is difficult for some people to understand: cells work correctly in balance of suppressor and activator actions. The most prestigious supplement companies, as well as the internet are promoting NAC for all cancer patients. If melanoma is the diagnosis, delete NAC from your program.

I have consulted cancer patients as a nutritionist for 40 years. I include the Petite Fleur Essences topically for all who are interested. I have created 30 blends for therapists to use with patients in hospitals also available on my website. I receive the most accurate, recent research from scientists world wide to assist clients and patients achieve radiant health.Cancer is a complicated illness that must be addressed individually and with the most current research. Those who go online searching for answers for treatment are left with a "shot gun" approach.

Proper supplementary nutrition requires knowledge and understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses of the body, past history and other stressors.

Although antioxidants in the diet can be very helpful, swallowing every supplement and drink listed on the web or in a book for cancer treatment can be counter productive.

 Source: The Scientist: Oct 7, 2015

For more information, contact Judy Griffin 1800 496 2125/



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Testimonial for Breast Blend

I started using the Breast Blend with immediate results. I have had problems with breasts since an early adult. Now, past menopause the problem is finally manageable. The longer I use the blend, the better results I achieve. My doctor is also impressed with the results and encourages me to continue daily use. Continue reading

Aromatherapy and Metabolism

Eighty percent of Americans and Western Europeans, especially women, are slow metabolizers. Metabolism not only affects weight, but also anxiety, depression, blood sugar levels, fatigue, insomnia, parathyroid and hormone balance. Eating high protein, low fat foods help, but certain essential oils and aroma blends increase metabolism within minutes, if not seconds. Wearing these aromas daily, especially during cold weather, which reduces metabolism further, can increase circulation, thyroid and adrenal activity and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Basil is a good essential oil to increase brain activity and adrenal function. It also reduces stress and viral invasion. I use Basil Petite Fleur Essence to increase self esteem and gently increase metabolism. The Petite Fleur Essences have a milder aroma and affect electromagnetic activity. They are more subtle, yet longer lasting in effectiveness. Holy Basil balances brain activity and enhances focus. It feels calming because the brain activity is more efficient.

Cinnamon essential oil best stimulates metabolism by balancing blood sugar. Many slow metabolizers have hypoglycemia, and can become diabetic through weight gain over time. Weight Therapeutic Essence is an excellent blend to reduce weight and blood sugar. Most diabetics have excellent results within weeks to a few months using Weight 3 x daily at mealtime.

An excellent choice for increasing digestion is Ginger essential oil. Rub it in a blend on the tummy after meals or before. Blend 2 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil, such as red raspberry and massage the abdomen. The stimulation feels good.Ginger rub is perfect after a large meal or when a too full feeling occurs.

Jasmine grandiflora absolute helps stimulate thyroid metabolism with a gentle, effective aroma. It also opens communication abilities to speak from the heart. Gently stimulating the thyroid increases digestion and adrenal function to produce more energy and less sluggishness.

Orange flower absolute reduces depression and anxiety. Orange flower has been used historically to balance heart energy and improve metabolism, specifically affecting circulation.

Peppermint essential oil reduces pain, especially affecting the knees and back. When pain feels stuck, use Peppermint. It both relaxes and sedates the area. he initial boost of energy is temporary. Stop Hurting lotion contains peppermint and several other essential oils to improve mobility.

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils and the aromas of fresh blooms! Visit us at or call 1800 4962125.

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Safe Travel using Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer

Recently the local news reported information about the sanitation on airplanes. The news was shocking. Multi resistant staff and fecal material were found on the tray tables we drink and eat from. The lavatory had fecal material and a strain of staph causing pneumonia on the sink and other areas. Cold and flu germs were just about everywhere a passenger sits, eats and uses the bathroom. These are the reports that stand out in my mind. My thoughts go to what we can do to remind ourselves to not only wash our hands, but also to use a hand sanitizer on the tray and everywhere we put our hands and uncovered flesh. Aromahealthtexas offers Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer made from fresh, garden blooms grown onsite. The flowers essences and essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties without overpowering scent. The essences are safe for children and also useful for dry, itchy skin. I designed and tested this blend with clients, staff and clinics. It has a very low alcohol content. Hand sanitizers are usually 98% alcohol. If you want healing, and protection, I suggest using and traveling with knowledge and  my therapeutic hand sanitizer. Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer will increase your immunity without taking away its integrity.

Enjoy safe travel and a happy holiday season.

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Pesticides that Cause Depression in Farmers

 The National Institute of Health recently published a 20 year study on the use of pesticides causing depression in farmers. Seven pesticides were cited, particularly organochlorines and fumigants. These categories increased farmer's depression between 80-90%. Malathion was used by 67% of the farmers interviewed. Malathion is widely used commercially and available for public use. The farmers were surveyed several times during a 20 year period to include the aspect of usage over time. Approximately 84,00 farmers and their spouses were interviewed since the mid 1990's to accumulate this information.

The way these pesticides lead to depression is believed to be through disruption of nerve pathways. They also inhibit specific enzymes affecting neuronal health. These pesticides find their way into our water supplies and into the soil we use for farming and growing at home.

There is no immediate indication that our government is going to limit or change anything about pesticide usage. Depression is only one symptom researched in this study. However, there are environmental groups lobbying the E.P.A. and governmental agencies that can use support. 

For our personal protection, I make an environmental mister that aids in self healing that can help and Harmony Blend to help alleviate symptoms of depression. The body knows how to heal when given proper stimulus. I also make natural insect repellents from organically grown plants in my gardens.

For more natural recipes for gardeners and organic gardening read: Mother Nature's Herbal; Mother Nature's Kitchen

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The Healing Properties of Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute

The heady scent of Jasmine grandiflorum absolute is a perfect scent for winter. It  dispels coldness, tiredness, weakness, hoarseness, laryngitis, wheezing and dry itchy feeling in the throat. The warm , pungent aroma enhances the body's ability to keep warm in cold conditions without overheating. When a chilly feeling starts to spread through your system, reach for the Jasmine. The ketone properties protect the lung and immune system, while the esters protect irritated, dry and inflamed skin. Cis- jasmone and methyl jasmonate have the ability to repair injured tissue and dispel mucous colitis brought on during cold weather.

The lightly sweet scent helps free the spirit from emotional restraint, anxiety, listlessness and general depression, often experienced during cold weather. The aroma helps us remember our freedom as it enhances  intuition. The smell is unforgettable. Many people who do not enjoy sweet flowery scents find Jasmine irresistible.

Cold sensitive folks often urinate frequently during winter time. Women may also experience a clear or white vaginal discharge. Wearing Jasmine grandiflorum can assist the reproductive and urinary system during this time. Nursing mother wear it to promote lactation. Wear Jasmine during delivery to assist the natural process. I don't recommend it during pregnancy.

For those who experience sexual disinterest and feelings  of inadequacy or undesirability, Jasmine grandiflorum will reawaken a natural passion. Winter is a great time to cuddle. And Jasmine is a great gift for the holidays.

To experience the healing ability of organically grown Jasmine grandiflorum flowers without added chemicals, contact or call Judy Griffin at 1800 496 2125.


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Essences for Planning and Direction

 Do you make plans that never seem to happen? Do you often wonder what to do next, or are you swept along in life hoping something good will happen? Petite Fleur Essences Carrot, Gardenia and Bamboo will guide you, help resolve problems and  provide direction in your life. You won't feel pressured  to realize your dreams. Carrot Essence enhances initiative, healthy disciplines and priorities, guiding you in the natural order of life. Gardenia stimulates long range planning, translating ideas into reality, without complications. And, Bamboo Essence stimulates direction , concentrating on career, goals and lifestyles you enjoy.

The guidance you receive is from within you, true guidance. This type of direction allows you to attract who and what you need to make your future a better place, and you a better person. The Petites are catalysts for transformation and positive growth. Everything you have dreamed of can become reality, even better than expected. Allow Carrot, Gardenia and Bamboo essences to lead you to successful experiences where obstacles become challenges and problems work into solutions.

Apply 2-3 drops 3 x daily on the throat, wrist or chest, any clean skin will work. The Petites have tiny molecules that enter the skin and circulate throughout your body, catalyzingmessages from the brain and psyche to every part of your consciousness. Life becomes easy when you step out of your judgmental thoughts and open yourself to the arms of Mother Nature.

Locate these essences and more at Petite Fleur Essences.

Call or email me with questions.

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