Mechanism Involved with Alcoholism.

Researchers in Linkoping University have discovered alcoholics have low levels of a gaba neurotransmitter due to deficient GAT3 transporter proteins. When gaba is unable to be released from  spaces between nerve cells, the  amygdala brain cells also become deficient in gaba. The amygdala is the area in the brain associated with alcoholism.

Gaba is a relaxing, let down, neurotransmitter, one of the 4 major neurotransmitters in the body. It originates from starch digestion. GAT3  is deficient in the amygdala of alcoholics and believed to be involved in addictive, alcoholic behavior. Low levels of gaba are also related to anxiety/depressive disorders, which  also affect some alcoholics.

Research continues to find ways to alleviate low GAT3 levels in the amygdala. Fifteen percent of the population is involved with alcohol addiction.

Source: C. Zang: Chemical & Engineering News, June25,2018

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