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How NAC antioxidant Increases Melanoma Growth

Melanoma is a very invasive, fast growing cancer, enhanced by NAC. N Acetyl Cysteine is an antioxidant that increases reduced glutathione in cells.It is available in all cells, including melanoma tumors. Cells are dependent on NAC for energy and cleansing normal cells. Melanoma is able to utilize NAC to double the migration and invasion of cancer cells into normal cells.It also increases an enzyme,rhoA, activated by cancer cells during migration and invasion. NAC can double the amount of cancer cells inside melanoma.

Scientific research is guiding cancer patients with information about particular antioxidants that can increase cancer growth. Every type of cancer is unique. NAC should be avoided as a supplement if melanoma is present. This is difficult for some people to understand: cells work correctly in balance of suppressor and activator actions. The most prestigious supplement companies, as well as the internet are promoting NAC for all cancer patients. If melanoma is the diagnosis, delete NAC from your program.

I have consulted cancer patients as a nutritionist for 40 years. I include the Petite Fleur Essences topically for all who are interested. I have created 30 blends for therapists to use with patients in hospitals also available on my website. I receive the most accurate, recent research from scientists world wide to assist clients and patients achieve radiant health.Cancer is a complicated illness that must be addressed individually and with the most current research. Those who go online searching for answers for treatment are left with a "shot gun" approach.

Proper supplementary nutrition requires knowledge and understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses of the body, past history and other stressors.

Although antioxidants in the diet can be very helpful, swallowing every supplement and drink listed on the web or in a book for cancer treatment can be counter productive.

 Source: The Scientist: Oct 7, 2015

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Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa, a South American seed vegetable, benefits blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, inflammation and subsequent heart disease and cancer. It is a low carb complete protein packed gluten free food often substituted for a grain.High magnesium levels normalize blood pressure as it relaxes blood vessels. High quercitin, omega 3 and saponin levels  reduce,  inflammation. The Journal of Food Science found the saponins in quinoa decrease nitric oxide, an inflammatory mediator, in a 2014 study.  It also inhibits inflammatory cytokines that reduce tumor necrosis. Quinoa  reduces obesity when ingested daily.It is a low sodium food high in dietary fiber. International standards are being discussed to assure quality. Nasa is considering quinoa as a cultivated crop for lengthy manned  space flights. Quinoa will surely be an important food for the future. Continue reading
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