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Winter protection during the Pandemic

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Post Viral Symptoms from Covid and Answers

Post viral symptoms from Covid, SARS and other virus include: exhaustion, dysfunction of brain lymphatic drainage, muscle aches, joint pain, cognitive dysfunction, fevers, change in taste /smell, sleep/wake cycles disrupted, tingling, racing heart,chest pain and anxiety, G.I. symptoms caused by high cytokine inflammatory process in the brain. The following are AromaHealth answers for symptoms. Continue reading

The Healing Properties of Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute

The heady scent of Jasmine grandiflorum absolute is a perfect scent for winter. It  dispels coldness, tiredness, weakness, hoarseness, laryngitis, wheezing and dry itchy feeling in the throat. The warm , pungent aroma enhances the body's ability to keep warm in cold conditions without overheating. When a chilly feeling starts to spread through your system, reach for the Jasmine. The ketone properties protect the lung and immune system, while the esters protect irritated, dry and inflamed skin. Cis- jasmone and methyl jasmonate have the ability to repair injured tissue and dispel mucous colitis brought on during cold weather.

The lightly sweet scent helps free the spirit from emotional restraint, anxiety, listlessness and general depression, often experienced during cold weather. The aroma helps us remember our freedom as it enhances  intuition. The smell is unforgettable. Many people who do not enjoy sweet flowery scents find Jasmine irresistible.

Cold sensitive folks often urinate frequently during winter time. Women may also experience a clear or white vaginal discharge. Wearing Jasmine grandiflorum can assist the reproductive and urinary system during this time. Nursing mother wear it to promote lactation. Wear Jasmine during delivery to assist the natural process. I don't recommend it during pregnancy.

For those who experience sexual disinterest and feelings  of inadequacy or undesirability, Jasmine grandiflorum will reawaken a natural passion. Winter is a great time to cuddle. And Jasmine is a great gift for the holidays.

To experience the healing ability of organically grown Jasmine grandiflorum flowers without added chemicals, contact or call Judy Griffin at 1800 496 2125.


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Essential oils and Petite Fleur Essences for Fatigue

 There are many essential oils and essences that reduce and correct the many faces of fatigue. The essential oils correct the energy; the Petite Fleur Essences  correct the cause creating the symptom. The Petites can be worn neat, undiluted; the essential oils are diluted in a carrier oils, such as marula and red raspberry. A suggested dilution is 2 drops in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil.

 The most common type of fatigue is overwork. Dilute Rosewood essential oil and apply Orchid Petite Fleur Essence at the base of the skull and occipitals.

 Tiredness, also leading to confusion: Lemongrass essential oil and Old Blush Petite Fleur Essence massaged onto the sides of the neck.

Fatigue after sports, as a spectator or participant: Nutmeg essential oil, Cinnamon Petite Fleur Essence on the upper chest, where the second and third ribs meet the sternum.

Viral fatigue> Basil essential oil and Thyme, Sage and Lemongrass Petite Fleur Essence on the chest.

Nervous Exhaustion: Sandalwood (Mysore) essential oil and Stock Petite Fleur Essence on the soles of the feet.

Lack of drive: Ginger root essential oil and Tiger's Jaw Cactus Petite Fleur Essence on the back of the neck.

Fatigue from Heart problems: Rosemary essential oil and Louis Phillippe Antique Rose Petite on the chest.

Listlessness fatigue: Jasmine grandiflora absolute and Curry Petite Fleur Essence on the arms and legs.

Convalescing fatigue:  Eucalyptus citradora essential oil and Blue Aster Petite Fleur Essence.

Lack of Will fatigue: Orange Flower absolute and Gaillardia Petite Fleur Essence.

Jet lag fatigue: Basil essential oil and Viridiflora Antique Rose Petite Fleur Essence.

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