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How Roses affect Resonant Frequency Health

Our rose products release the highest resonance of health and beauty inherent in  all life. Experience the transforming energy, aroma and touch of our Antique Roses.These roses positively affect adverse conditions caused or accelerated by negative frequencies affecting our environment and well being. Allow our rose products to produce radiant health, transforming your mind , emotions,appearance and body. Continue reading

Four most Medicinal and Fragrant Lavenders

There are 4 varieties of Lavender I use in hospital and clinical use available for sale : Provence ; Spike, Grosso, intermedia and English Buena Vista. Learn how and when to utilize the properties of each, without adulteration or commercial mixtures. Continue reading

Immune Support of Melissa Healing Water

Melissa Healing Water supports the body's natural defense against oxidative damage , inhibiting free radical damage.Melissa 's steam distilled healing water supports production of superoxide dismutase, sod, a free radical quencher. This produces glutathione peroxidase and catalase, enzymes that support natural defense against aging and related diseases. These include, diabetes, cardio-vasculat disease, cancers and skin problems.

Recently I received a testimonial from a special client: I feel so pampered. I spayed my face, neck and hands. Wonderful fragrance!

Melissa also reduces stress and is pleasantly calming. Dementia and Alzheimer's persons especially enjoy the aroma, as a calming agent. Melissa Healing Water is safe for children, adults and  pets.

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