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When to Use Lemongrass and Lemon Peel

When to Use Lemongrass and Lemon Peel
Lemon grass and Lemon peel have different properties and precautions.Lemon grass is anti inflammatory, aiding circulation, and reducing muscle spasms and ligament damage. Lemon peel is anti tumor and bacteria, cleanses the liver, reducing cholesterol, nausea and fatigue. Continue reading

Essential oils and Petite Fleur Essences for Snack Attacks

Essential oils and Petite Fleur essences are the perfect solution for snack attacks. Their aromas are delivered to the brain as quickly as you can sniff or apply them. Snacking and hunger between meals is often caused by lower levels of tryptophan, which turns into serotonin in the brain. Lower available serotonin levels are associated with mild depression .The aromas in Cravings therapeutic blend and Curb Appetite Roll on enhance serotonin levels and reduce appetite. Tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, is created in the stomach, so it makes sense that people snack more when serotonin levels are less than optimal.

Cravings includes Knotted Marjoram and Osmanthus absolute, used for to cut cravings for centuries. Curb Appetite includes Saffron absolute and patchouli aged for many years to reduce appetite and mild depression. Saffron can be as effective as standard antidepressants for mild to moderate depressions. It also protects against liver, stomach, lung, breast, colon, blood and bone cancers as an ancient anti aging compound. These compounds are delivered in 1/100th of a second through inhalation and therapeutic touch.

With the onset of the holidays and  so many tempting treats, a daily application of these blends can protect your health and waistline.

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There are over 100 recent studies on the therapeutic properties of Saffron and the aromas in the above blends.

Journal of Nat Med: Jan, 2010

Nutr Res: May 2010





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How NAC antioxidant Increases Melanoma Growth

Melanoma is a very invasive, fast growing cancer, enhanced by NAC. N Acetyl Cysteine is an antioxidant that increases reduced glutathione in cells.It is available in all cells, including melanoma tumors. Cells are dependent on NAC for energy and cleansing normal cells. Melanoma is able to utilize NAC to double the migration and invasion of cancer cells into normal cells.It also increases an enzyme,rhoA, activated by cancer cells during migration and invasion. NAC can double the amount of cancer cells inside melanoma.

Scientific research is guiding cancer patients with information about particular antioxidants that can increase cancer growth. Every type of cancer is unique. NAC should be avoided as a supplement if melanoma is present. This is difficult for some people to understand: cells work correctly in balance of suppressor and activator actions. The most prestigious supplement companies, as well as the internet are promoting NAC for all cancer patients. If melanoma is the diagnosis, delete NAC from your program.

I have consulted cancer patients as a nutritionist for 40 years. I include the Petite Fleur Essences topically for all who are interested. I have created 30 blends for therapists to use with patients in hospitals also available on my website. I receive the most accurate, recent research from scientists world wide to assist clients and patients achieve radiant health.Cancer is a complicated illness that must be addressed individually and with the most current research. Those who go online searching for answers for treatment are left with a "shot gun" approach.

Proper supplementary nutrition requires knowledge and understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses of the body, past history and other stressors.

Although antioxidants in the diet can be very helpful, swallowing every supplement and drink listed on the web or in a book for cancer treatment can be counter productive.

 Source: The Scientist: Oct 7, 2015

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Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa, a South American seed vegetable, benefits blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, inflammation and subsequent heart disease and cancer. It is a low carb complete protein packed gluten free food often substituted for a grain.High magnesium levels normalize blood pressure as it relaxes blood vessels. High quercitin, omega 3 and saponin levels  reduce,  inflammation. The Journal of Food Science found the saponins in quinoa decrease nitric oxide, an inflammatory mediator, in a 2014 study.  It also inhibits inflammatory cytokines that reduce tumor necrosis. Quinoa  reduces obesity when ingested daily.It is a low sodium food high in dietary fiber. International standards are being discussed to assure quality. Nasa is considering quinoa as a cultivated crop for lengthy manned  space flights. Quinoa will surely be an important food for the future. Continue reading

The Most Nutritious Way to Eat Garlic

Allicin, the nutritious part of garlic, is created by cooking garlic 10 minutes after cutting, mashing or mincing. Cooking or eating garlic raw right after cutting will destroy the ability to create allicin. Allicin is a compound created by two properties in garlic. Ten minutes after cutting garlic, this chemical reaction creates allicin, the healthy part of garlic.

Garlic has avoided genetic modification and maintains all or most of its original health properties. It is easy to grow in a pot or as a garden plant. Garlic naturally repels aphids and several garden pests. Buy fresh garlic and place the bottom side in the garden or potted soil as a planter. It will soon sprout and multiply into a medley of nutritious plants. Garlic grows naturally with other garden herbs and most plants.Water only as needed and do not fertilize with commercial products. Garlic really doesn't need any fertilizer.

Garlic is a universal plant with no certain origin. I have been to Guanacasta in Costa Rica and other areas where it is too hot to thrive. Most of the world can enjoy its flavor and medicinal effects year round.

Garlic is a natural anti fungal with  some antibiotic properties. It is useful to reduce hypertension and many ailments of modern living. Garlic is high in heating properties. If you suffer from insomnia, hot sweats, red rashes, gastric re-flux and arrhythmia, keep garlic to a minimum until your symptoms subside.

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