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CBD Oil Slows the Brain and Liver Functions

CBD oil works by slowing the brain and liver functions. Those taking medication and supplementation will absorb these slower causing these substances to  enter the bloodstream slowly. The amount in the bloodstream at any given time will be different than prescribed by your healthcare provider. This can be fatal with some medications and can interact negatively with others. For example, medication to enhance dopamine for Parkinson's and CBD oil do not combine well. 

 CBD oil  taken to replace medication, will also slow brain and liver functions, such as digestion, heart rate, detoxification, thyroid function and many more. Epileptics can benefit from CBD and pain patients as well. However, for everyday use, there will be slower organ function that must be considered. Slow metabolizers should avoid this product or only use it on occasion. Everything in moderation. There will always be side effects. Know yourself so you will walk the correct path for your health and make recommendations to others wisely.


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