Four most Medicinal and Fragrant Lavenders

Four varieties of Lavender are most useful in my research and hospital work over the past 46 years. Distillation renders different fragrance, properties, quality and medicinal use. Lavendula Stoechus produces an inferior essential oil combined  in lavender commercial oils.  The FDA combines over 47 varieties as Lavender Angustifolia. Essential oils can be labeled as pure, natural and organic with only 5% of an essential oil. The other 95% includes adulterated oils, including other plants, metals ,environmental pollutants, chemicals and drugs. Only small farms offer pure varieties, especially lavenders.

We organically grow and distill  4 lavenders onsite. Here is how I use them in  practice. Our 100% pure Provence Lavender is rare in its pure form. Commercial French lavender is 41% Provence  and a mixture of many other adulterations. Our Provence essential oil contains 50% esters, the most soothing and tonic lavender. I use it in hospitals for cancer patients, sickle cell, organ, stem cell and bone marrow transplants, cardiovascular, pulmonary, hospice, asthma, and surgical recovery. Provence  reduces anxiety, various pain ,cancer pain, migraine, apprehension and anxiety, calms hospice patients and is used to reduce medications for sleep, nausea headaches and restlessness. The unique perfume fragrance opens the highest centers of the psyche and brain, most reminiscent of original, wild lavender grown in high altitudes in France. I use our best lavender for patients and clients. We occasionally offer bumper crops on our website in limited quantities. Check with our office anytime for info about supply.

Spike lavender contains high amounts of Ketones and Oxides, the most versatile medicinal variety for tissue regeneration, wound washing ,antiviral, antibacterial and antispasmodic blends. It can reduce occasional racing heartbeat, high blood pressure from stress, acne,  P.M.S. and general pain. The aroma is more poignant due its to higher camphor content. Our antivirals and skin products most often.

Lavender Grosso, intermedia, is a hybrid of English and Portuguese varieties. Direct Inhalation of the the aroma for up to 20 minutes every 6 hours can reduce bloating and digestive discomfort from an overgrowth of anaerobic gut bacteria. Diffusion gives the least results. Put the bottle under your nose and breathe for several minutes. The lovely fragrance is also used for sachets, sleep pillows, perfumes, soaps and cosmetics.

Buena Vista is an English Lavender. The aroma is soft, inviting  and preferred in perfumes and aroma blends, especially to balance moods and create happy feelings. I use it in hospitals and elder care for dementia and Alzheimer's agitation and high blood pressure as a calming agent. The fragrance brings back happy memories. Buena Vista helps prevent hair loss, reduces allergic reactions on the skin and burns, and is a good choice for hair and household products. 

Avoid lavenders if severe drowsiness or adverse skin reactions occur. It is a hormone disruptor for males under 25; they can grow breasts.  Consult your physician before using lavenders with anticonvulsants ,very low blood pressure, sleep and anxiety meds: Ambien, Xanax, Klonipin , Valium, Ativan, Donnatol, Phenobarbital, Benzodiazepines, and Barbiturates. 

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