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How Roses affect Resonant Frequency Health

Our rose products release the highest resonance of health and beauty inherent in  all life. Experience the transforming energy, aroma and touch of our Antique Roses.These roses positively affect adverse conditions caused or accelerated by negative frequencies affecting our environment and well being. Allow our rose products to produce radiant health, transforming your mind , emotions,appearance and body. Continue reading

When to Use Lemongrass and Lemon Peel

When to Use Lemongrass and Lemon Peel
Lemon grass and Lemon peel have different properties and precautions.Lemon grass is anti inflammatory, aiding circulation, and reducing muscle spasms and ligament damage. Lemon peel is anti tumor and bacteria, cleanses the liver, reducing cholesterol, nausea and fatigue. Continue reading

Pollen Influences Cloud Formation

Pollen influences cloud formation, forming cloud condensation nuclei. As pollen breaks down they rupture and collect water from the atmosphere. Pollen gathers moisture and forms a cloud subsequently causing rainfall. This phenomena is only recently understood following research by Allison Steiner, University of Michigan, and Sarah Brooks, A&M University, Texas: How Pollen Influences Cloud Formation.

This research indicates why asthmatics are affected by thunderstorms. Clouds of pollen are released into the immediate atmosphere especially after a thunderstorm.It literally is raining pollen! After or during the storm, those affected can help protect their lungs by applying Decongest aroma that heals blend to the chest or sinuses. This will reduce the inflammatory response in the lungs and sinus caused by the pollen storm. Allergy  spray therapeutic essence blend also can help those who are affected by overcast and stormy weather.

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