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Research on Therapeutic Essence Blends

Flower Essences return us to the Origins of Faith   In 1997, I was asked to join a Healing Environment program at Baylor Medical Center, a huge hospital complex in Dallas, Texas. We work with people internationally to provide the best patient care and experience. I was asked to create...

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PetiteFleur Essence Testimonial: Lily

Mam shared your email just now JudyThank You so much Sounds goodToday I have used Oats and Lily Lily is speaking to me & having insights around how to have control or where my power liesTo help me with how I lost that feeling of safety in my body When...

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Toxic Thyroid and High Cortisol Levels

Symptoms of a Toxic Thyroid include  unusual fatigue, coldness, low libido,poor memory, dry skin, weight gain or inability to lose weight,anxiety and/or depression. Over time, cardiovascular and metabolic syndromes can also occur as symptoms of aging. Toxic Thyroid can stop or slow the process of  sub optimal thyroid function.  These...

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