How Roses affect Resonant Frequency Health

Every cell organ and function in the body performs to a  specific frequency, called resonant frequency.The body communicates through frequency as an electromagnetic wave of energy. Frequency is measured scientifically as waves of energy from one point to another. If the body's natural frequency is scattered, self regulation is reduced and results in disease and degeneration. Every illness and emotion has a specific frequency. I have used Petite Fleur Essences and our Antique rose essences to return the body to a healthy frequency communication.

A growing number of people are immune deficient from hazardous electromagnetic frequencies close to their  home and office, such as electrical transformers and cell phone towers.A German study describes these towers as a source of increased cancer, free radical cellular damage,learning and memory deficits, changes in reproductive ability and neurological disorders. A separate study sites DNA damage affecting animals.

The antennas of 5G cells ,placed every 100-200 meters, use millimeter waves combined with microwave waves. We have never been exposed to this concentration and combination of frequency. Millimeters of frequency energy are absorbed into the cornea of the eyes and through out the skin, our largest immune organ.Short term exposure effects include peripheral neuropathy of the legs and arms, and free radical damage to the cardiovascular and immune systems. Long term effects include increased risk of melanoma, melanoma of the eyes and testicles. Governments have funded very little research for consideration to date.

Roses, especially antique roses have the highest frequency, 320 megahertz of any plants or gems stones. In comparison, 3 x stronger than lavenders. We  use our rose oil, rose hips , rose healing waters and specifically over 150 Petite Fleur Essences and AromaHealth blends to protect and promote health  to correct the most common and stubborn illnesses and symptoms for over 40 years.

The following are a few examples, often used in hospitals, clinics and personal use: Environmental is a protective blend for pollution, chemical waste by products, harmful  cellular frequencies and heavy metal toxicities, all that harms our environment. By changing negative forces, we are also helping Gaia life forces.

Free the Spirit helps those with disturbed sleep and dreams, shoulder pain, restlessness, glandular swelling, circulation, tendency for varicosities, anemias, stiffness and general sluggishness. Emotional stress includes: past trauma and abuse affecting the desire to connect with others.

Guardians helps those with neural brain inflammation, Alzheimer and dementias, poor oxygenation, which can affect the lungs, clots, heart and circulation.It helps those who get pneumonia or suffer from COPD. The essences help enzymes block the entry and proliferation of virus like SARS and are involved with kidney damage through vibrational energy.

Mask Guard  protects against false friends and intimacies,also helping to block

viral, allergens and bacterial exposure.

Regenerate: awakens self awareness and restores relationship with the self, regulation of inner communication and raises determination to overcome the challenges of "aging". Flower frequency always enhances ageless and innocence as quality of life. It can benefit the frequency and signaling in any part of our physical/mental/ emotional experiences.

Harmony blend helps to bring the body and emotions to homeostasis, a  harmonious symphony of inner communication during emergency and stressful experiences. It is used for people experiencing bone and stem cell transplant, solid organ transplant, chemo and radiation, before and after surgeries, to speech therapy in hospitals, rehab and clinics.The effects are immediate and help to reduce effects of treatment and side effects from medicines in hospitals.

Fatigue helps to balance the endocrine, immune and neurological frequencies to overcome all the side effects of ongoing fatigue and lethargy.

Female Balance helps overcome challenges and symptoms from maiden through menopause and loss of body tone , skin elasticity and "aging" afterwards.It helps keep our minds and hearts open to discriminatory and compassionate powers.

Sore Muscles lotion resolves bruising, injuries and soreness, by restoring energy and releasing cellular memory of pain and fatigue.

More Hair Conditioner strengthens the scalp and hair follicles, while moistening the hair and increasing absorption of nutrients.Rose can heal the scalp, increase blood flow and regenerate tissue and hair. More Hair Conditioner can relax overly curly hair and give luxurious body to lifeless hair.

Rose Gardenia moisture cream restores vitality, elasticity and builds collagen to enhance youthful skin. The energy we experience as aroma helps heal old psychological wounds, low self esteem and restore capillaries and broken veins to produce a "peaches and cream" complexion. Only a small amount is needed to protect and regenerate the skin.

Antique Rose Collection of 22 old garden roses ,grown organically and distilled onsite, brings out our inner potentials and beauty inherent at birth, producing the love that initiates our resonant frequency of health,beauty and achievement....for what is divine cannot be separated from it's Source.

LemonRose clarifier face and body spray removes most bacteria , toxins and  virus on contact, as it clears and regenerates the skin. It can be successfully used on sensitive skin to acne, but not recommended for rosacea. Use Rose Nectar spray for rosacea.Allow your skin to mirror all the beauty within you.




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