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Bromide and Thyroid Disease

Bromides in sodas, spas, hot tubs and some bottled water reduces iodine levels.  Bromides are also in many skin and hair products.This can lead to poor metabolism, fatigue and hypothyroidism. Low thyroid is involved in heart problems and heart attacks. Up to 40 % of Americans have low thyroid function, especially after 50.

Toxic Thyroid is a therapeutic blend  that detoxes many environmental and skin pollutants and allergens, available in concentrate or a spray. The aroma is light and uplifting. I've had many clients reduce or eliminate medication using this product daily.

Also use AromaHealth skin and hair products, non toxic and bromide free.

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Toxic Thyroid and High Cortisol Levels

Symptoms of a Toxic Thyroid include  unusual fatigue, coldness, low libido,poor memory, dry skin, weight gain or inability to lose weight,anxiety and/or depression. Over time, cardiovascular and metabolic syndromes can also occur as symptoms of aging. Toxic Thyroid can stop or slow the process of  sub optimal thyroid function.

 These symptoms indicate the thyroid is unable to perform optimally. However,the body may not need medication at this time, which is evident in serum evaluation. 

Toxic Thyroid enhances insufficient production of T4 and T3, while reducing levels of inactive thyroid hormone. Toxic Thyroid also reduces elevated cortisol stress hormones  also leading to depression and anxiety. For these people, I often recommend Toxic Thyroid during the day and Reduce Stress in the evening and night time. With consultation, I recommend certain supplementation when necessary. Many folks improve thyroid function only using the Toxic Thyroid therapeutic essence blend.

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