Foods to avoid with Irritable Bowel

Forty Five million Americans have been diagnosed with irritable bowel. Symptoms are bloating with pain, constipation and/or diarrhea. Scientists are identifying foods with trigger carbohydrates that cause irritable bowel symptoms and non- Celiac gluten sensitivity. Fermentation from certain foods change bacteria in the bowel. As this bacteria ferments, methane and other gases form. The fermented bacteria also contain lipopolysaccharides that inflame the intestinal lining, causing pain and bloating.

The most common triggers, in order of offense,are lactose from milk products, wheat,corn, apples, onions,ripe bananas,sun-dried tomatoes,cherries, peaches, pears, sugar snap peas.

I work privately with clients to identify and correct biochemical individuality...what makes you tick! I also have products to reduce symptoms. I make essence/aroma blends to assist each persons's greatest health.

We are born with a unique scent and mineral pattern, which we keep throughout life.We are much more than what we eat.

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