Aromatherapy and Metabolism

Eighty percent of Americans and Western Europeans, especially women, are slow metabolizers. Metabolism not only affects weight, but also anxiety, depression, blood sugar levels, fatigue, insomnia, parathyroid and hormone balance. Eating high protein, low fat foods help, but certain essential oils and aroma blends increase metabolism within minutes, if not seconds. Wearing these aromas daily, especially during cold weather, which reduces metabolism further, can increase circulation, thyroid and adrenal activity and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Basil is a good essential oil to increase brain activity and adrenal function. It also reduces stress and viral invasion. I use Basil Petite Fleur Essence to increase self esteem and gently increase metabolism. The Petite Fleur Essences have a milder aroma and affect electromagnetic activity. They are more subtle, yet longer lasting in effectiveness. Holy Basil balances brain activity and enhances focus. It feels calming because the brain activity is more efficient.

Cinnamon essential oil best stimulates metabolism by balancing blood sugar. Many slow metabolizers have hypoglycemia, and can become diabetic through weight gain over time. Weight Therapeutic Essence is an excellent blend to reduce weight and blood sugar. Most diabetics have excellent results within weeks to a few months using Weight 3 x daily at mealtime.

An excellent choice for increasing digestion is Ginger essential oil. Rub it in a blend on the tummy after meals or before. Blend 2 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil, such as red raspberry and massage the abdomen. The stimulation feels good.Ginger rub is perfect after a large meal or when a too full feeling occurs.

Jasmine grandiflora absolute helps stimulate thyroid metabolism with a gentle, effective aroma. It also opens communication abilities to speak from the heart. Gently stimulating the thyroid increases digestion and adrenal function to produce more energy and less sluggishness.

Orange flower absolute reduces depression and anxiety. Orange flower has been used historically to balance heart energy and improve metabolism, specifically affecting circulation.

Peppermint essential oil reduces pain, especially affecting the knees and back. When pain feels stuck, use Peppermint. It both relaxes and sedates the area. he initial boost of energy is temporary. Stop Hurting lotion contains peppermint and several other essential oils to improve mobility.

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