Essences for Planning and Direction

 Do you make plans that never seem to happen? Do you often wonder what to do next, or are you swept along in life hoping something good will happen? Petite Fleur Essences Carrot, Gardenia and Bamboo will guide you, help resolve problems and  provide direction in your life. You won't feel pressured  to realize your dreams. Carrot Essence enhances initiative, healthy disciplines and priorities, guiding you in the natural order of life. Gardenia stimulates long range planning, translating ideas into reality, without complications. And, Bamboo Essence stimulates direction , concentrating on career, goals and lifestyles you enjoy.

The guidance you receive is from within you, true guidance. This type of direction allows you to attract who and what you need to make your future a better place, and you a better person. The Petites are catalysts for transformation and positive growth. Everything you have dreamed of can become reality, even better than expected. Allow Carrot, Gardenia and Bamboo essences to lead you to successful experiences where obstacles become challenges and problems work into solutions.

Apply 2-3 drops 3 x daily on the throat, wrist or chest, any clean skin will work. The Petites have tiny molecules that enter the skin and circulate throughout your body, catalyzingmessages from the brain and psyche to every part of your consciousness. Life becomes easy when you step out of your judgmental thoughts and open yourself to the arms of Mother Nature.

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