Fall Texas Wildflowers

As Fall approaches, we are completing the 2022 new Texas Wildflowers. These wildflowers hep us connect with the depth of our being to understand the sensitivity of Nature and flowers that open our hearts and minds to explore and enjoy the perception necessary for better health. 

Ancient indigenous Shamans used bone whistles to mend separation from the Source, calling people back to the health offered by Nature and destiny. (Mother Nature's Herbal/ 

Today we use flower essences and aromas to awaken the psyche.

Chocolate Daisy is a wildflower natural fragrant essence that calms anxiousness and encourages to live our highest ideals. The path we create lays the steps for others to follow.

Chocolate Daisy has been historically used to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. wear it on cuts, burns and wounds to prevent scarring. This daisy contains saponins that produce collagen. It is a natural blood purifier, used in Colonial times like an antibiotic to cleanse impurities and reduce symptoms of coughs, colds and mucus build up..

In test tubes, this flower retards or stops tumor growth. In trials, it has offered support for those with HIV+ symptoms.

Chocolate Daisy is a night bloomer, producing early morning chocolate aroma we have captured in this essence. Enjoy!

Texas star Hibiscus keeps us fully engaged and focused and empowered without fear, over reaction or judgement. It helps relax tight uterine and bladder muscles, increasing blood flow to the kidneys and balances adrenal hormone levels. Blood cholesterol and blood pressure may also balance.

Myricetin properties reduce  skin collagen and elastin breakdown for smoother, hydrated skin.

Texas Bluebells balance taste and appetite receptors. It can help those who have lst taste or smell also. Overeating, bloating is enhanced by better digestion.

Texas Bluebells help modify pain pathways to the brain and increase circulation to injuries. They help the personality return to innocence before disappointment and disillusion occurred.

Return to Source is a very fragrant blend that also helps us to reconnect with who we really are, not what society has made us.

It helps promote hair growth, reduce acne, psoriasis and eczema, damaged and "aging" skin. The aroma reduces sore throats and congestion for many.

Lymph Flow lotion helps remove toxins trapped in lymph glands that contribute to edema and tumor growth. Lymph glands have no natural circulation.

Clary Sage is distilled when green, yielding a light sweet aroma more pleasing than other essential oils. It's calming and uplifting, encouraging a natural flow of energy throughout the body. It's a great mood enhancer. It can be used for migraine and headaches.

Sage essential oil is a bold aroma, enhancing recall, decongesting sinus, muscles, headaches and heat flashes. It yields a calm, buy bold presence in the personality.

Shedding misted morning and night on the scalp reduces or stops unnecessary hair loss. It promotes hair growth. Aromatic essences also promote clarity and a calming sense of well being.

The Healing Flowers handbook/ autographed, teaches about the Petite essences, personality growth, chakra balancing and essences that support those with particular health issues.

Headache Rollon relieves tension, headaches, neck and shoulder tension. The convenient size fits easily in a purse or pocket.



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Product testimonial

AromaHealth products are like no other in my opinion. The history alone of the sourcing of these products, is most inspiring. Dr. Judy Griffin's approach to producing a wide variety of healthful products is spiritual first, and when combined with her extensive knowledge and experience, integrity of the products are high! Even the prices have integrity, being very fairly priced for us. I love and use many of the products, but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be the Rose Geranium moisture cleanser. Nothing like it anywhere that I've ever found. Thankyou Doc Judy, you and your products continue to be a welcome influence in my life. Continue reading

Pain relief/ Free teleconference

The news this morning quoted studies of Americans using pain drugs at the cost of 600 million dollars yearly. The effect for chronic pain is temporary. The brain can go into a dependent cycle, causing more need for medication. Pain is related to inflammatory markers in the brain cells. Aromatherapy can bypass the blood brain barrier within seconds and work through the skin as an immune enhancer.

Most pain responds well to my Stop Hurting lotion, especially if it is muscular/skeletal or arthritis. Swelling and edema responds to Lymph Flow lotion. Circulation Booster increases circulation to the site and cardiovascular system to reduce pain and facial tightness. Relax the Shoulders is great for neck and shoulder pain and tension. It also helps relieve depression. The lotions work on site and through the brain to change the cellular memory. Over time the aromatic lotions and blends can help heal damaged tissue as well.

Pain is experienced individually. Some people are more sensitive and usually experience more pain. Stop Suffering is an essence blend I use often in hospitals to relieve the psycho emotional effects and causes of pain. It also helps reduce dependency, even allowing medications to have the best effect.

I am beginning a free aromatherapy and healing plant teleconference tonight, 8 pm central time. I will teach and answer questions for 1 hour. The recording will be available for 6 months online. Please join us using any phone..

Dial 1 302 2021106 Follow the prompt to type in this access code 824648.

The next class will be February 11, same time.

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Is Lavender Essential Oil Dangerous?

The European Chemical Agency intends to label Lavender essential oil dangerous because it has the capability of causing an allergic reaction. To date, by 2018, all lavender essential oil products will carry a health warning. The label may read " May be fatal if inhaled or swallowed ".This is the same labeling on lye, bleach and many poisonous household products. Lavender has been universally used for centuries as a fragrant,skincare product. The main properties are linalool, a terpene alcohol, and linalyl acetate, an ester of linalool.

Every natural or man made product can cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity. In 40 years of hospital, clinical and private practice, I have never experienced any fatality from lavender oil. I have environmental clients who react to a photocopy, patients allergic to olive oil and toothpaste, but these are not considered harmful or fatal by the ECHA.

The European Chemical Agency was created to restrict pollution from synthetic pollution. When my clients ask my opinion about targeting lavender essential oil as harmful, my response is, it is an agricultural product and should be labeled accordingly. My thought is: " It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature".  Expect a showdown.


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Essential Oils for Ebola Virus

 Essential oils can help prevent and treat the outbreak of Ebola Virus. Ebola virus cannot  thrive in the presence of Cinnamon leaf and Oregano essential oils. Use the inhaler/diffuser, sold on my website at Add undiluted essential oils to the inhaler and breathe in the scents several times daily.Mist or bathe the skin in  diluted Oregano and Cinnamon oils: 2-3 drops of each in 1 cup of water. Avoid the eyes. Keep any open wounds or areas covered at all times.

To reduce fever, combine 2 drops of each : Eucalyptus citriadora, Fennel and Lemon essential oils in 1 cup of water. Mist the body several times. Other good essential oils for reducing fever is Spearmint and Lime. Same dilution and procedure.

Use Thyme , Rosemary and Coriander essential oils to build immunity as a dilution. In 1 cup of water, add 2 drops of each oil. Mist or apply to the body. This dilution can be applied to the skin in a carrier oil, such as Marula or Red Raspberry in the same proportions instead of water. Massage a few drops of the dilution to the chest 2-3 x daily.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at or AromaHealthTexas on facebook or



Sources include: David Williams:The Chemistry of Essential Oils, Micelle Press, England, 1997.

Jean Valnet: The Practice of Aromatherapy, Healing arts Press,1980.

David Wilmont, Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine, Wilmountain Press, Ma, USA,,2003.

Judy Griffin, Mother Nature's Herbal, Llewllyn, Mn, U.S.A.,1997.


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Recovery Testimonial

Today Julia Jankowski called to share a recovery story about one of her clients. Julie is an experienced licensed recovery counselor who helps people with various types of addiction and recovery needs. She blogs and supports the community in many ways. Today, Julie called from a jail to share a story about one of her clients. The woman was craving narcotics when Julia appeared with AromaHealth lavender essential oil to help her. She applied the lavender on the lady's wrist and sat with her as the woman became calm and stopped craving after several minutes. She has many stories and ideas to share, which she blogs about daily.

 To learn more about Julia's blogs, support and suggestion  email her at She soon will be suggesting AromaHealth Cravings Therapeutic Blend for addiction and cravings of any imbalance. Julia uses several Aroma Health to help rebuild the self esteem of suffering people. 

I really admire those who are called to help our people in ways of addiction and recovery. Many people turn away or are somehow distant from these folks. Alcohol, drugs, food and any addictive behaviour is an illness and imbalance that can be resolved as the community recognizes these people are suffering from a disease, rather than hopeless people who make bad choices. We cannot separate ourselves from our environment and addiction is part of it.

Several years ago, I worked with a very talented and generous anchor man for local news, hospitalized for alcohol addiction. He was a leader in the community involved in many charities and programs for adults and children. However, the disease damaged his immunity to the extreme of having to surgically remove 90% of his stomach. His health was failing before I met him. He  passed  within a few years at an early age. However, he left with integrity, knowing his recovery gave him lasting peace.


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Petite Fleur Essences and Essential Oils for the Breasts and Reproductive System

Petite Fleur Essences and essential oils affect breast and reproductive health by  catalyzing the depth of the  body and subconscious' vast self healing power. In natural healing, treatment of the  organ, function and individual makeup of the body chemistry and personality are required for optimal results. For example, Geranium essential oil and Ranunculus Petite helps heal depression and feelings of abuse affecting self esteem. Self Image is the Therapeutic Essence Blend to repair and build self esteem. Marigold ,Japanese Magnolia Petites and Frankincense essential oils unravel emotional blocks affecting reproductive organs and the breasts. Melissa Healing Essential Oil Floral Water encourages the difficult inner child experiences to heal and open to inner guidance. Female Balance is the Therapeutic Essence Blend that helps restore hormone balance and allow true feelings to emerge. Tangerine Essential Oil and Grief Therapeutic Blend release sadness, shock and anger associated with these experiences. Target areas in the body include the uterus and especially the breasts. Attitudes, beliefs and emotions linked to past experiences include German Chamomile, Meadow Sage, Louis Phillipe Rose and Gruss an Auchen Rose Petites. Roman Chamomile, Rose absolute and Sandalwood Essential Oils address and help heal difficult past experiences. Abate Anger Therapeutic Essence Blend releases the emotions and disappointment from past pain. Combine any of these suggested essences and oils into a blend and layer one after another on or near the affected area.


Petites and Essential Oils  also affect internal disorders from menarche through menopause, including breast cysts and tumors. The following are a few examples and suggestions for resolution.

Amenorrhea (absence of menses):Cinnamon, Ginger Essential Oils ; Rosemary, Purple Garden Sage and Carrot Petite Fleur Essences

Delayed Menses: Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Jasmine grandiflora absolute, and Cherokee Rose Petite; Vitex Berry Herbal Longevity Tonic(internally as a tea)

Menstrual Cramps: Pink Geranium and Old Blush Petite Fleur Essences; Stop Suffering Therapeutic Blend; Sweet Orange essential oil and Helichryssum Absolute

Excess Menstrual Bleeding: Yarrow and Lily Petite Fleur Essences; Cypress and Myrrh Essential Oils

Clots: Marigold Mint and Fennel Essential oils; Toxic Thyroid Therapeutic Essence Blend 

Irregular or Scanty Menses: Roman Chamomile, Angelica Root Essential Oils; Female Balance Therapeutic Essence Blend

Endometriosis: Myrtle Essential Oil, Lemongrass Petite and Red Rose Fleur Essence; Stop Suffering Therapeutic Essence Blend

Mood Swings and Depression due to PMS: Vitex Longevity Herbal Tonic; Vanilla Petite Fleur Essence; Neroli and Ylang Ylang extra Essential Oil

Breast Pain: Vitex Longevity Herbal Tonic; Linden Absolute, Hops flower Essential Oil; Peppermint and Bronze Fennel Petite Fleur Essence

Uterine Bleeding: Yarrow Petite Fleur Essence

Fibroid: Lilac Petite Fleur Essence; Carrot, Litsea cubeba and Clove Essential Oils

Hot Flashes: Geranium, Lavender, Rose absolute and Sage Essential Oils; Female Balance Therapeutic Essence Blend

Menopausal Symptoms: Lavender, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Neroli, Rosemary and rose Essential Oils; Knotted Marjoram Marquis Bocella Rose Petite Fleur Essences; Deep Sleep, Female Balance, Inner Strength and Reduce Stress Therapeutic Blends

Tumors: Lilac  and Chamomile Petite Fleur Essences, Roman Chamomile, Litsea cubeba,and Carrot Essential Oils( See The Healing Flowers Cancer Research Blends and Self Healing Blends at

Uterine Prolapse: Clear Thinking Longevity Herbal; UTI Therapeutic Essence Blend; White Hyacinth, Borage and Viridiflora Petite Fleur Essences; Labdamom absolute, Holy Basil and Basil Essential Oils

Vaginitis: Teatree Essential Oil; Thyme Petite Fleur Essence

Herpes: Reduce Stress Therapeutic Essence Blend, Silver Lace and Mexican Oregano Petite Fleur Essences; Teatree and Oregano Lemon Peel Essential Oils

Questions/ Contact Judy Griffin, PhD. 1800 496 2125/

Sources include: Mother Nature's Herbal, Judy Griffin

 The Healing Flowers, Judy Griffin

Flowers that Heal, Judy Griffin

Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine, Dennis Wilmont





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Sage, Salvia officinales, an essential oil and herb for women

 Ancient cultures used  Sage as an herb and essential oil for women. The dynamics and properties of the herb balances the conflict of  women's active and passive roles at home and in society. Integrating the two enhances longevity and empowers a female.

Sage is an herb that grows in adverse soils and circumstances, surviving intense hot and cold weather. This same virtue enhances women to thrive in adverse circumstances and achieve what most women have not envisioned. Sage addresses a woman's self esteem and worth, encouraging her to excel in the many roles she plays throughout her life.

In the body, Sage enhances health and balance during menses, menopause and beyond. Very few essential oils and herbs target women past menopause, yet Sage helps her seek fulfillment in all stages of adult hood without losing femininity. Sage blends well with Rose, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender,Helichrysum and Thyme to fulfill a woman's health concerns. However, during pregnancy and lactation, Sage is counter indicated as a uterine stimulant which stops lactation after birth. It is very helpful during a long or difficult labor to birth the baby successfully.

Sage is a very strong aromatic herb, which is best used in small doses as a tea or essential oil in a diluted blend. In a tea, I recommend 1 teaspoon steeped in 1 cup of boiled water. (Cover the tea as it steeps) In an aromatic blend, 1-3 drops in a 1 ounce dilution is recommended. I also use Sage healing floral water for purification purposes.

For more info, read  Mother Nature's Herbal by Judy Griffin



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Lemon Rose Power Cleanser and Clarifier

Lemon Rose Power Cleanser and Clarifier reduces and treats summer breakouts. It is the best treatment for acne breakouts, cysts and blackheads,all in 1 product. Spray onto areas of concern 3 x daily, for best results. Lemon Rose cuts through oil and debre. It cleanses environmental pollutants that also affect the skin. The Rose oil balances every skin type and stops over reaction of the skin from the astringent properties of Lemon.The scent of Lemon is a natural relaxer for hyperactive folks and a stimulant for others.

I have  clients avoid prescription drugs for skin problems that have many detrimental side effects. Others enjoy the clarifying properties of the blend that smooth the skin and leave it radiant.

Lemon Rose Power Cleanser and Clarifier is now on sale. A 2 oz. spray lasts at least 30 days.

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Essential Oils and Essences for Pregnancy, Delivery and Lactation.

Several essential oils and essences can be safely used during pregnancy, delivery and lactation. Rose Otto, steam distilled essential oil reduces indigestion, reflux, bitter taste, burping, headache, tension and dizziness. Dilute the Rose Otto in Marula carrier oil: 3 drops in 1 tablespoon of oil.Rose otto combinations, with Petite Fleur essences are Abate Anger and Chill Out Therapeutic Essence Blends.The cost is affordable for everyone. They have been successfully used in hospitals for 20 years, available in drops or misters.

During labor, Clary Sage, Lavender and Jasmine grandiflora absolute are calming and relaxing to the muscles. Combine 1 drop of Clary, 12 drops of Jasmine, and 10 drops of Lavender in 1 ounce of Marula oil. Maternity Therapeutic essence blend includes these oils and has been used in hospitals for 20 years during pregnancy and labor.

When the joyful event occurs, promote lactation in a blend of Jasmine grandiflora, Helichrysum (Immortelle) and Litsea cubeba. These are available in Breast Healing Aroma Blend. Massage onto the breasts, avoiding the nipples, 2-3 x daily. This breast blend has also been successfully used in hospitals for 20 years. The cost of these blends are very affordable and available, hand made at the time of purchase.

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Judy Griffin at 18004962125 or email her at

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