Paeonia Longevity Herbal

 Paeonia is an ancient herb successfully used for female and liver support for centuries. Today it is known to aid those suffering from autoimmune reactions, spasms, pain,migraines, osteoarthritis, gout,hypertension and tinnitis. As a female herbal, it reduces PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, excess bleeding and chronic fatigue syndrome. Paeonia is a calming herb used for insomnia and excessive coughing. It is also helpful for whooping cough. As an adaptogen antiviral herbal ,it is used to combat hepatitis I do not recommend it for pregnant women, as a precaution.

Paeonia herbal extract is now available at AromaHealth webstore as an internal  tincture. Look for it at r contact Dr. Judy Griffin at 1800 4962125.

Sources include Mother Nature's Herbal, by Judy Griffin

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