Fall Texas Wildflowers

As Fall approaches, we are completing the 2022 new Texas Wildflowers. These wildflowers hep us connect with the depth of our being to understand the sensitivity of Nature and flowers that open our hearts and minds to explore and enjoy the perception necessary for better health. 

Ancient indigenous Shamans used bone whistles to mend separation from the Source, calling people back to the health offered by Nature and destiny. (Mother Nature's Herbal/ 

Today we use flower essences and aromas to awaken the psyche.

Chocolate Daisy is a wildflower natural fragrant essence that calms anxiousness and encourages to live our highest ideals. The path we create lays the steps for others to follow.

Chocolate Daisy has been historically used to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling. wear it on cuts, burns and wounds to prevent scarring. This daisy contains saponins that produce collagen. It is a natural blood purifier, used in Colonial times like an antibiotic to cleanse impurities and reduce symptoms of coughs, colds and mucus build up..

In test tubes, this flower retards or stops tumor growth. In trials, it has offered support for those with HIV+ symptoms.

Chocolate Daisy is a night bloomer, producing early morning chocolate aroma we have captured in this essence. Enjoy!

Texas star Hibiscus keeps us fully engaged and focused and empowered without fear, over reaction or judgement. It helps relax tight uterine and bladder muscles, increasing blood flow to the kidneys and balances adrenal hormone levels. Blood cholesterol and blood pressure may also balance.

Myricetin properties reduce  skin collagen and elastin breakdown for smoother, hydrated skin.

Texas Bluebells balance taste and appetite receptors. It can help those who have lst taste or smell also. Overeating, bloating is enhanced by better digestion.

Texas Bluebells help modify pain pathways to the brain and increase circulation to injuries. They help the personality return to innocence before disappointment and disillusion occurred.

Return to Source is a very fragrant blend that also helps us to reconnect with who we really are, not what society has made us.

It helps promote hair growth, reduce acne, psoriasis and eczema, damaged and "aging" skin. The aroma reduces sore throats and congestion for many.

Lymph Flow lotion helps remove toxins trapped in lymph glands that contribute to edema and tumor growth. Lymph glands have no natural circulation.

Clary Sage is distilled when green, yielding a light sweet aroma more pleasing than other essential oils. It's calming and uplifting, encouraging a natural flow of energy throughout the body. It's a great mood enhancer. It can be used for migraine and headaches.

Sage essential oil is a bold aroma, enhancing recall, decongesting sinus, muscles, headaches and heat flashes. It yields a calm, buy bold presence in the personality.

Shedding misted morning and night on the scalp reduces or stops unnecessary hair loss. It promotes hair growth. Aromatic essences also promote clarity and a calming sense of well being.

The Healing Flowers handbook/ autographed, teaches about the Petite essences, personality growth, chakra balancing and essences that support those with particular health issues.

Headache Rollon relieves tension, headaches, neck and shoulder tension. The convenient size fits easily in a purse or pocket.



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Rapid Global Increase of Celiac's Disease

More than 40% of the world population has a  genetic predisposition  to Celiac's disease. Celiac's is an autoimmune disease caused by ingesting gluten in many cereals, condiments and foods, medications, vitamins, some herbals, enhanced poultry and pork....The list of products is expanding, as more people are developing Celiac's in wheat eating countries, including Asians. Researchers warn of epidemic proportion as incidence increases. Gluten may not be listed on food labels. Many other grains and foods are grown in wheat, rye and barley fields and processed in the same facility as glutenous foods. 

Celiac's was discovered by a doctor in the 1940's.A tiny amount of gluten triggers an intense autoimmune inflammation and atrophy in the small intestine. Poor absorption of nutrients cause multiple deficiencies and diseases. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue are common. Celiac's can move to different locations in the abdomen.

A list of the most common diseases for people with Celiac's is: osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity,hypothyroid, Sjorgen's, liver ailments, cancer, infertility, anxiety/depression, irritable bowel, bleeding disorders, juvenile arthritis, anemia, autism, migraine, peripheral neuropathy, learning disabilities, Turner's and William's syndrome(missing genetic chromosome diseases).Since Celiac's is also genetic, occurrence can happen anytime during a lifetime. The incidence in children is alarming.

Researchers are experimenting with vaccines to reduce autoimmune inflammation and atrophy of the intestinal villi. To date , only a strict gluten free diet can help. There is no cure. The diet must be ongoing.

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Common Herbicide 2, 4-D A Possible Carcinogen

The International Cancer Agency, from the World Health Organization, considers 2,4 D broad leaf herbicide a possible carcinogen because it causes oxidative stress. This can lead to chronic inflammation and cancer in humans. 2,4- D is the most commonly used pesticide in the world, marketed as Weed B gone, Tri Kill, Killex, Weedaway Trillion and Par 3 to name a few. Last year, it was marketed as Enlist Duo, combined with glyphosphate by Dow AgroSciences. It is part of Agent Orange, mixed with dioxin. Alone, it has been used since World War Two. Previous concern is it causes cirrhosis of the liver, especially in golfers.Chemical manufacturers are disputing the classification of a possible carcinogen from previous studies. In other words, it may not cause cancer in everyone exposed to eating food grown during its use. Environmental agencies, such as the Natural Resources Defense Council are filing lawsuits to discontinue its use. What are you spraying on your lawn and garden? Continue reading
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