Pain relief/ Free teleconference

The news this morning quoted studies of Americans using pain drugs at the cost of 600 million dollars yearly. The effect for chronic pain is temporary. The brain can go into a dependent cycle, causing more need for medication. Pain is related to inflammatory markers in the brain cells. Aromatherapy can bypass the blood brain barrier within seconds and work through the skin as an immune enhancer.

Most pain responds well to my Stop Hurting lotion, especially if it is muscular/skeletal or arthritis. Swelling and edema responds to Lymph Flow lotion. Circulation Booster increases circulation to the site and cardiovascular system to reduce pain and facial tightness. Relax the Shoulders is great for neck and shoulder pain and tension. It also helps relieve depression. The lotions work on site and through the brain to change the cellular memory. Over time the aromatic lotions and blends can help heal damaged tissue as well.

Pain is experienced individually. Some people are more sensitive and usually experience more pain. Stop Suffering is an essence blend I use often in hospitals to relieve the psycho emotional effects and causes of pain. It also helps reduce dependency, even allowing medications to have the best effect.

I am beginning a free aromatherapy and healing plant teleconference tonight, 8 pm central time. I will teach and answer questions for 1 hour. The recording will be available for 6 months online. Please join us using any phone..

Dial 1 302 2021106 Follow the prompt to type in this access code 824648.

The next class will be February 11, same time.

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Jasmine grandiflora Natural Perfume

Jasmine grandiflora has a euphoric aroma that  increases the attractiveness of the recipient. The scent brings out an awareness allowing one to open to trusting love in the many ways it manifests in our lives. Jasmine absolute aroma dissolves fears and emotional blocks as it quickly changes moods and diminishes psychological  dilemmas. A natural aphrodesiac, Jasmine also is a great scent for mothers. It eases childbirth, increases milk production, reduces muscle and joint pain , boosts low self esteem to erase  memories  of emotional suffering.The scent is so powerful, it can ease paranoia and trust oneself and others.

AromaHealth now offers a natural perfume of Jasmine grandiflora absolute available at On sale now through May 15, 2014.

Dr. Judy Griffin 1800 4962125 is available to answer your questions.

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Grand Opening sale!

Welcome to our new store at Shopify! We have a 10 off all items until April 30 2014. Please browse through  our store categories and email me any questions. Since this is a new store, you will have to log in as a new customer. Your email will be your login and you can choose a new or use a previous password. We offer payment through Stripe or Paypal and  credit/debit cards are accepted.

Please let me know what you want to see AromaHealth offer for you in the coming year. Any concerns or questions are also welcome. 

Visit us on Facebook and follow blogs and research onsite and Facebook.

See you in the gardens!

Judy Griffin

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