Pain relief/ Free teleconference

The news this morning quoted studies of Americans using pain drugs at the cost of 600 million dollars yearly. The effect for chronic pain is temporary. The brain can go into a dependent cycle, causing more need for medication. Pain is related to inflammatory markers in the brain cells. Aromatherapy can bypass the blood brain barrier within seconds and work through the skin as an immune enhancer.

Most pain responds well to my Stop Hurting lotion, especially if it is muscular/skeletal or arthritis. Swelling and edema responds to Lymph Flow lotion. Circulation Booster increases circulation to the site and cardiovascular system to reduce pain and facial tightness. Relax the Shoulders is great for neck and shoulder pain and tension. It also helps relieve depression. The lotions work on site and through the brain to change the cellular memory. Over time the aromatic lotions and blends can help heal damaged tissue as well.

Pain is experienced individually. Some people are more sensitive and usually experience more pain. Stop Suffering is an essence blend I use often in hospitals to relieve the psycho emotional effects and causes of pain. It also helps reduce dependency, even allowing medications to have the best effect.

I am beginning a free aromatherapy and healing plant teleconference tonight, 8 pm central time. I will teach and answer questions for 1 hour. The recording will be available for 6 months online. Please join us using any phone..

Dial 1 302 2021106 Follow the prompt to type in this access code 824648.

The next class will be February 11, same time.

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Testimonial for Lighten up from friends in the U.K.

I use the Lighten up spray in my private yoga sessions and workshops and I have found that there is a significant difference when I use it-the students feel happier and more relaxed.

As A kinesiologist, I tend to use the spray with clients who are quite tense, before I start the session. Very few people seem to have any knowledge of what Kinesiology is and how it works, so clients can be apprehensive before the first session

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Petite Fleur Essences and Essential Oils for the Breasts and Reproductive System

Petite Fleur Essences and essential oils affect breast and reproductive health by  catalyzing the depth of the  body and subconscious' vast self healing power. In natural healing, treatment of the  organ, function and individual makeup of the body chemistry and personality are required for optimal results. For example, Geranium essential oil and Ranunculus Petite helps heal depression and feelings of abuse affecting self esteem. Self Image is the Therapeutic Essence Blend to repair and build self esteem. Marigold ,Japanese Magnolia Petites and Frankincense essential oils unravel emotional blocks affecting reproductive organs and the breasts. Melissa Healing Essential Oil Floral Water encourages the difficult inner child experiences to heal and open to inner guidance. Female Balance is the Therapeutic Essence Blend that helps restore hormone balance and allow true feelings to emerge. Tangerine Essential Oil and Grief Therapeutic Blend release sadness, shock and anger associated with these experiences. Target areas in the body include the uterus and especially the breasts. Attitudes, beliefs and emotions linked to past experiences include German Chamomile, Meadow Sage, Louis Phillipe Rose and Gruss an Auchen Rose Petites. Roman Chamomile, Rose absolute and Sandalwood Essential Oils address and help heal difficult past experiences. Abate Anger Therapeutic Essence Blend releases the emotions and disappointment from past pain. Combine any of these suggested essences and oils into a blend and layer one after another on or near the affected area.


Petites and Essential Oils  also affect internal disorders from menarche through menopause, including breast cysts and tumors. The following are a few examples and suggestions for resolution.

Amenorrhea (absence of menses):Cinnamon, Ginger Essential Oils ; Rosemary, Purple Garden Sage and Carrot Petite Fleur Essences

Delayed Menses: Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Jasmine grandiflora absolute, and Cherokee Rose Petite; Vitex Berry Herbal Longevity Tonic(internally as a tea)

Menstrual Cramps: Pink Geranium and Old Blush Petite Fleur Essences; Stop Suffering Therapeutic Blend; Sweet Orange essential oil and Helichryssum Absolute

Excess Menstrual Bleeding: Yarrow and Lily Petite Fleur Essences; Cypress and Myrrh Essential Oils

Clots: Marigold Mint and Fennel Essential oils; Toxic Thyroid Therapeutic Essence Blend 

Irregular or Scanty Menses: Roman Chamomile, Angelica Root Essential Oils; Female Balance Therapeutic Essence Blend

Endometriosis: Myrtle Essential Oil, Lemongrass Petite and Red Rose Fleur Essence; Stop Suffering Therapeutic Essence Blend

Mood Swings and Depression due to PMS: Vitex Longevity Herbal Tonic; Vanilla Petite Fleur Essence; Neroli and Ylang Ylang extra Essential Oil

Breast Pain: Vitex Longevity Herbal Tonic; Linden Absolute, Hops flower Essential Oil; Peppermint and Bronze Fennel Petite Fleur Essence

Uterine Bleeding: Yarrow Petite Fleur Essence

Fibroid: Lilac Petite Fleur Essence; Carrot, Litsea cubeba and Clove Essential Oils

Hot Flashes: Geranium, Lavender, Rose absolute and Sage Essential Oils; Female Balance Therapeutic Essence Blend

Menopausal Symptoms: Lavender, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Neroli, Rosemary and rose Essential Oils; Knotted Marjoram Marquis Bocella Rose Petite Fleur Essences; Deep Sleep, Female Balance, Inner Strength and Reduce Stress Therapeutic Blends

Tumors: Lilac  and Chamomile Petite Fleur Essences, Roman Chamomile, Litsea cubeba,and Carrot Essential Oils( See The Healing Flowers Cancer Research Blends and Self Healing Blends at

Uterine Prolapse: Clear Thinking Longevity Herbal; UTI Therapeutic Essence Blend; White Hyacinth, Borage and Viridiflora Petite Fleur Essences; Labdamom absolute, Holy Basil and Basil Essential Oils

Vaginitis: Teatree Essential Oil; Thyme Petite Fleur Essence

Herpes: Reduce Stress Therapeutic Essence Blend, Silver Lace and Mexican Oregano Petite Fleur Essences; Teatree and Oregano Lemon Peel Essential Oils

Questions/ Contact Judy Griffin, PhD. 1800 496 2125/

Sources include: Mother Nature's Herbal, Judy Griffin

 The Healing Flowers, Judy Griffin

Flowers that Heal, Judy Griffin

Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine, Dennis Wilmont





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Sage, Salvia officinales, an essential oil and herb for women

 Ancient cultures used  Sage as an herb and essential oil for women. The dynamics and properties of the herb balances the conflict of  women's active and passive roles at home and in society. Integrating the two enhances longevity and empowers a female.

Sage is an herb that grows in adverse soils and circumstances, surviving intense hot and cold weather. This same virtue enhances women to thrive in adverse circumstances and achieve what most women have not envisioned. Sage addresses a woman's self esteem and worth, encouraging her to excel in the many roles she plays throughout her life.

In the body, Sage enhances health and balance during menses, menopause and beyond. Very few essential oils and herbs target women past menopause, yet Sage helps her seek fulfillment in all stages of adult hood without losing femininity. Sage blends well with Rose, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender,Helichrysum and Thyme to fulfill a woman's health concerns. However, during pregnancy and lactation, Sage is counter indicated as a uterine stimulant which stops lactation after birth. It is very helpful during a long or difficult labor to birth the baby successfully.

Sage is a very strong aromatic herb, which is best used in small doses as a tea or essential oil in a diluted blend. In a tea, I recommend 1 teaspoon steeped in 1 cup of boiled water. (Cover the tea as it steeps) In an aromatic blend, 1-3 drops in a 1 ounce dilution is recommended. I also use Sage healing floral water for purification purposes.

For more info, read  Mother Nature's Herbal by Judy Griffin



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Testimonial about a Special Blend

Just wanted you to know that the kidney blend has worked extremely well. It absorbs fast, smells lovely and I have no problems with edema or incomplete urination anymore! What a relief!

Also, lots of deep fears that I didn't know I harbored came up by the third time I used it. and the special blend kept me going and healing without emotional distress. Just wanted to say thanks.

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Paeonia Longevity Herbal

 Paeonia is an ancient herb successfully used for female and liver support for centuries. Today it is known to aid those suffering from autoimmune reactions, spasms, pain,migraines, osteoarthritis, gout,hypertension and tinnitis. As a female herbal, it reduces PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, excess bleeding and chronic fatigue syndrome. Paeonia is a calming herb used for insomnia and excessive coughing. It is also helpful for whooping cough. As an adaptogen antiviral herbal ,it is used to combat hepatitis I do not recommend it for pregnant women, as a precaution.

Paeonia herbal extract is now available at AromaHealth webstore as an internal  tincture. Look for it at r contact Dr. Judy Griffin at 1800 4962125.

Sources include Mother Nature's Herbal, by Judy Griffin

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Jasmine grandiflora Natural Perfume

Jasmine grandiflora has a euphoric aroma that  increases the attractiveness of the recipient. The scent brings out an awareness allowing one to open to trusting love in the many ways it manifests in our lives. Jasmine absolute aroma dissolves fears and emotional blocks as it quickly changes moods and diminishes psychological  dilemmas. A natural aphrodesiac, Jasmine also is a great scent for mothers. It eases childbirth, increases milk production, reduces muscle and joint pain , boosts low self esteem to erase  memories  of emotional suffering.The scent is so powerful, it can ease paranoia and trust oneself and others.

AromaHealth now offers a natural perfume of Jasmine grandiflora absolute available at On sale now through May 15, 2014.

Dr. Judy Griffin 1800 4962125 is available to answer your questions.

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Bitter Orange (Neroli) Absolute

The Bitter Orange tree produces Neroli absolute and essential oil from its intensely fragrant flowers.The absolute makes the best perfume. Essential oils lift quickly and do not have the staying power of the absolutes.Effects of  Bitter Orange absolute include antidepressant and calming,heart and circulation benefits,emotional strength,especially in times of stress;reduces shock, headaches ,and symptoms of post traumatic stress and chronic fatigue.

How can one flower do so much? When you smell this aroma you will agree totally. The aroma of Bitter Orange flowers has powerful psychological effects that are long lasting. Neroli flowers have a scent never before experienced, unless you live in Sicily where it is grown and produced.  A natural perfume will open your awareness to experience life and all its beauty in new and enjoyable ways. It is a natural pain reliever. When you smell it, your body releases endorphins capable of reducing and removing any discomfort.

The absolute of Bitter Orange is very expensive. AromaHealth is now offering an exquisite perfume of Neroli flowers in natural perfume alcohol. Alcohol is the only way to release this absolute. The power of this scent will penetrate your deepest desires and awareness to bring out your best in every situation.Allow Bitter Orange absolute to stabilize and regenerate long term psychological tension.

AromaHealth has Bitter Orange absolute natural perfume on sale through May 15,2014. Visit our comprehensive webstore at

or email

Dr.Judy Griffin, 1800 4962125

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