A Natural Alternative to Microbeads in Skincare

Microbeads in exfoliating skincare products are best replaced with Rose Oil Masque and Peppermint Exfoliator. Both products by AromaHealth are safe for the environment, having a base of bentonite clay. The Clay is applied after cleansing on the face, neck and problem areas of the skin. Bentonite is a live material produced from our Earth. It drys quickly and leaves the skin radiant and healthier after each use. No scrubbing and deepening large pores like microbead exfoliants. Pores are grow smaller with Peppermint  Exfoliator and Rose Oil Masque. They are gentle and effective and only require a few minutes to complete  healing the skin. People of all ages can use these products. Peppermint Exfoliator is for oily skin and Rose Masque is for normal and mature, or delicate skin. Skincare should be easy,effective and inexpensive for all ages.

When researchers found microbeads in the Great lakes originating from skincare products, they contacted the major firms producing them. Most of the firms agreed to remove these products from the market, but not until 2015. In the meantime, fish are eating microbeads for food and transferring toxins to our food chain.

For centuries, beneficial clays have been used successfully in natural skincare. It's time to turn the clock back to our roots by choosing completely organic skincare, with out parfumes and chemicals that harm our food chain and environment. We should be applying only organic and natural products to our skin as well into our tummies.

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