absolutes and concrete essential oils

Many of the most fragrant flowers must be made into an absolute to achieve a natural fragrance for perfume and aromatherapy. Neroli Orange flower, jasmine, rose and osmanthus are a few examples of absolutes. The flowers are collected fresh and bathed in an alcohol or hexane solution in a sealed...

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Paeonia Longevity Herbal

 Paeonia is an ancient herb successfully used for female and liver support for centuries. Today it is known to aid those suffering from autoimmune reactions, spasms, pain,migraines, osteoarthritis, gout,hypertension and tinnitis. As a female herbal, it reduces PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, excess bleeding and chronic fatigue syndrome. Paeonia is a...

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Jasmine grandiflora Natural Perfume

Jasmine grandiflora has a euphoric aroma that  increases the attractiveness of the recipient. The scent brings out an awareness allowing one to open to trusting love in the many ways it manifests in our lives. Jasmine absolute aroma dissolves fears and emotional blocks as it quickly changes moods and diminishes...

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Bitter Orange (Neroli) Absolute

The Bitter Orange tree produces Neroli absolute and essential oil from its intensely fragrant flowers.The absolute makes the best perfume. Essential oils lift quickly and do not have the staying power of the absolutes.Effects of  Bitter Orange absolute include antidepressant and calming,heart and circulation benefits,emotional strength,especially in times of stress;reduces...

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