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Enhancement Feng Shui spray-increases life enriching experiences;
citrus scents

Deep Massage-for long lasting relief(of life's enriching experiences)
Fungal healing aroma blend-reduces all fungus. Rub it on the tummy to kill Cindidas yeast. External Only
Sinus Spray Therapeutic Essence Blend-opens the lungs and enhances breathing; offsets breathing pollution.
Elderberry herbal Longevity tonic-promotes vascular elasticity, corrects high cholesterol, and promotes cardiovascular health. Protects against colds and virus.Our 2014 crop is ready to brew!
Lemon Rose Clarifier-deep pore cleanser and clarifies radiant skin. Knocks out acne; great for T zone.
Old Blush Antique Rose Collection Essence-enhances energy and stamina
Insect Repellent-stop the itch!

*New Product* 
Linden Blossom Absolute-a great summer scent, tart and refreshing: softens tumors, plaque, cholesterol, gall stones, urinary stones. Reduces migraine, hypertension, insomnia, hyperactivity, colds, and flues. Helps reduce sweet cravings and helps seek inspiration from within.




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Natural Insect Repellents from the Ancients

Recent regulations by the European Union to assess all insect repellents for toxicity and safety leaves only a few choices for consumers.Among the pending insecticides, lavender geranium and citrus essential oils and a seed extract from the Neem tree,Margosa, are expected to pass assessment.

In my travels and research over 20 years writing  Mother Nature's Herbal, I learned about these and many other natural insect repellents. I have found the best repellents come out of my gardens. I successfully use lavender for ants, moths and many flying insects. Lemongrass and citronella repels mosquitoes and geranium repels fleas, and most household pests. What the essential oils don't repel, Neem will. It has been used by gardeners for centuries to repel bugs from food crops and restore wood products. It's now recommended to wait up to 7 days before harvesting crops after application of Neem. It's time to take notice of what's growing in your garden that can replace potentially toxic products.

Author Judy Griffin, PhD.

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A Natural Alternative to Microbeads in Skincare

Microbeads in exfoliating skincare products are best replaced with Rose Oil Masque and Peppermint Exfoliator. Both products by AromaHealth are safe for the environment, having a base of bentonite clay. The Clay is applied after cleansing on the face, neck and problem areas of the skin. Bentonite is a live material produced from our Earth. It drys quickly and leaves the skin radiant and healthier after each use. No scrubbing and deepening large pores like microbead exfoliants. Pores are grow smaller with Peppermint  Exfoliator and Rose Oil Masque. They are gentle and effective and only require a few minutes to complete  healing the skin. People of all ages can use these products. Peppermint Exfoliator is for oily skin and Rose Masque is for normal and mature, or delicate skin. Skincare should be easy,effective and inexpensive for all ages.

When researchers found microbeads in the Great lakes originating from skincare products, they contacted the major firms producing them. Most of the firms agreed to remove these products from the market, but not until 2015. In the meantime, fish are eating microbeads for food and transferring toxins to our food chain.

For centuries, beneficial clays have been used successfully in natural skincare. It's time to turn the clock back to our roots by choosing completely organic skincare, with out parfumes and chemicals that harm our food chain and environment. We should be applying only organic and natural products to our skin as well into our tummies.

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Testimonial about a Special Blend

Just wanted you to know that the kidney blend has worked extremely well. It absorbs fast, smells lovely and I have no problems with edema or incomplete urination anymore! What a relief!

Also, lots of deep fears that I didn't know I harbored came up by the third time I used it. and the special blend kept me going and healing without emotional distress. Just wanted to say thanks.

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How to make a Natural Perfume

Youtube now has my How to Make A Natural Perfume lecture available for viewing . We learned during the class that the base aromas extend and hold the fragrance of a perfume. I taught how to make a base using essential oils, concretes and absolutes to achieve a lasting natural perfume. Two formulas for bases are available on Utube that can be used with many, if not all natural perfumes. One base uses vanilla and balsams; the other has an oakmoss scent. I introduced tonka bean and labdanum base scents as very fragrant base aromas. Next , I gave many formulas of the heart or body of the perfume. These include roses, jasmine, litsea cubeba, champaca, tuberose, neroli and frangipani, ylang ylang extra, and other essential oils that combine well with these aromas. Champaca and Tuberose are the most exotic perfume heart perfume ingredients.. The heart of the perfume includes the dominant scents. The top scents are next and are usually citrus,such as the 4 oranges made from the orange tree, lime and litsea cubeba, a flower used for its lemon scent. Top notes also include spices, such as coriander, nutmeg, and cardamom. Top notes are the first scent we smell when we open a perfume. Top aroma notes define the aroma and grab our attention to continue exploring this wonderful perfume.

Natural perfumes are cured, or married, for 2-4 weeks so the flavors can become a unified living entity of scent. After analyzing this new aroma, we can add a few drops of any of the scents to further define the aroma. Actually, you can quickly take a sniff after a few days, but be sure to allow the aroma to blend a full 2 weeks or longer. Oxidation can change the blend after opening, so be patient!

It's important to understand why we want a natural perfume and what essential oils, absolutes and concretes actually do in a perfume.  Natural perfumes are living scents that evolve and change like we do in the course of our lives. Commercial perfumes are made from chemicals that mimic the scents of plants. Concretes , absolutes and essential oils are made from the plants and have all the subtle scents that unfold in petals of aroma. Natural perfumes do not harm the environment. They encourage bee activity and do not offend the water supply or environment. Chemical perfumes are in all personal care, household, and skincare products. These are one category of pollutants that harm fish, wildlife, and our domestic pets who drink contaminated water. Synthetic perfumes are also in organic and natural products listed as parfume and fragrance, lavidin, vanillin, just to mention a few. These perfumes do not blend with our unique aroma we have since birth and support self healing. Natural perfumes do and release a cascading , large amount of endorphins as they caress and unfold from our skin. Perfumes made from Nature can increase longevity and our experience of quality living. Our smell awareness awakens to increase memory and keep us from having neurological illness,such as Alzheimers. Scent can be an enjoyable  force for a healthier life.

Join me on Utube to learn more about making a natural perfume. Also read the previous blog describing concretes and absolutes in natural perfumery.I teach limited class intensives when we make a personal, natural perfume. If you are interested, please contact me at

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absolutes and concrete essential oils

Many of the most fragrant flowers must be made into an absolute to achieve a natural fragrance for perfume and aromatherapy. Neroli Orange flower, jasmine, rose and osmanthus are a few examples of absolutes. The flowers are collected fresh and bathed in an alcohol or hexane solution in a sealed container. The essential oils are dissolved by the solvent circulated over the 

flowers.The process yields a semisolid, waxy material called a concrete. Concretes are often used as base notes in aromatherapy and perfumery. They have a scent and texture that reminds me of the plant and a staying power that makes them an excellent choice as a low, or base note, which holds the aromas' fragrance for hours and even days. Concretes leave a residue  when diluted into an aroma blend that can be filtered out. It is a waxy substance which contains scent.The aroma is very true to the plant and has a subtle different scent than an absolute. Resins and Balsams, vanilla, oakmoss,Peru Balsam and many others are also extracted by this process.

An absolute is created by rendering the waxy, semisolid materials from a concrete. This produces a  very concentrated liquid that is completely soluble in alcohol. It is a refined product that is exquisitely fragrant and ready to use in a perfume, or as a perfume by itself. Absolutes are often very expensive, but worth the results. The fragrance of Jasmine grandiflora or Bitter orange absolutes will produce an aromatic pleasure never before experienced.The smell is better than any perfume I have ever sampled from the most  exotic perfumers all over the world. It can take 1000 pounds of fresh flowers to make 3 pounds of an absolute. They are sure to take you to places in your consciousness you have never penetrated previously. Their intensity is many times more apparent than essential oils that are steam distilled. In a perfume or aromatherapy product, absolutes and concretes have a much longer staying time. 

Essential oils lift quickly by their nature of volatility. They can be combined with concretes and absolutes in aromatic products, especially as high, or top notes. These are the first aromas apparent as an aromatherapy or perfume product is opened. The scent doesn't last long. This alluring scent gets us interested and ready for the heart of the blend, which can last for hours. The base, or low aromas, hold down the scent of the entire blend and allows it to smell for hours and even days.

In aromatherapy and perfumery, we always begin with low note aromas and build the heart and then high, more volatile scents to complete a transformation of scent that is healing and specific for your body chemistry. It's like building a pyramid of scent that all starts with concretes and resinous essential oil products and ends with high intensity , fragrant absolutes and steam distilled essential oils. The results are worth every bit of the experience!





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Jasmine grandiflora Natural Perfume

Jasmine grandiflora has a euphoric aroma that  increases the attractiveness of the recipient. The scent brings out an awareness allowing one to open to trusting love in the many ways it manifests in our lives. Jasmine absolute aroma dissolves fears and emotional blocks as it quickly changes moods and diminishes psychological  dilemmas. A natural aphrodesiac, Jasmine also is a great scent for mothers. It eases childbirth, increases milk production, reduces muscle and joint pain , boosts low self esteem to erase  memories  of emotional suffering.The scent is so powerful, it can ease paranoia and trust oneself and others.

AromaHealth now offers a natural perfume of Jasmine grandiflora absolute available at On sale now through May 15, 2014.

Dr. Judy Griffin 1800 4962125 is available to answer your questions.

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Bitter Orange (Neroli) Absolute

The Bitter Orange tree produces Neroli absolute and essential oil from its intensely fragrant flowers.The absolute makes the best perfume. Essential oils lift quickly and do not have the staying power of the absolutes.Effects of  Bitter Orange absolute include antidepressant and calming,heart and circulation benefits,emotional strength,especially in times of stress;reduces shock, headaches ,and symptoms of post traumatic stress and chronic fatigue.

How can one flower do so much? When you smell this aroma you will agree totally. The aroma of Bitter Orange flowers has powerful psychological effects that are long lasting. Neroli flowers have a scent never before experienced, unless you live in Sicily where it is grown and produced.  A natural perfume will open your awareness to experience life and all its beauty in new and enjoyable ways. It is a natural pain reliever. When you smell it, your body releases endorphins capable of reducing and removing any discomfort.

The absolute of Bitter Orange is very expensive. AromaHealth is now offering an exquisite perfume of Neroli flowers in natural perfume alcohol. Alcohol is the only way to release this absolute. The power of this scent will penetrate your deepest desires and awareness to bring out your best in every situation.Allow Bitter Orange absolute to stabilize and regenerate long term psychological tension.

AromaHealth has Bitter Orange absolute natural perfume on sale through May 15,2014. Visit our comprehensive webstore at

or email

Dr.Judy Griffin, 1800 4962125

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AromaHealth Insect Repellent can replace pesticides in flea collars

Commercial flea collars contain two toxic chemicals that affect children in their product:propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos, an organophosphate. The toxic residue left on the pets' fur leaves a neurotoxin that adversely affects children's brains The affect is similar to lead toxicity. Very recently two large pet companies agreed to remove the chemicals within a few years to avoid a lawsuit. AromaHealth Insect Repellent  is a combination of essential oil dilutions that repel and prevent flea, tick and insect invasion. It is a spray that may be applied  inside or outside one or two times daily. The dilution is nontoxic, using food grade essential oils and hydrosols. It is not toxic to children or pets. We do not know what chemicals will be used to substitute the neurotoxins. However, AromaHealth Insect Repellent is made from organically grown native herbs and distilled onsite without chemicals or additives. The essential oils are used in foods commercially and nontoxic to adults, children and pets. 

Consider the health of your family,extended pet family and environment. Switch to AromaHealth Insect Repellent and breathe easy!

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natural perfumes demo at the herb festival

May 17 2014 , the greater Fort Worth Herb Festival takes place at the Botanical gardens. Plants, vendors and demos are available for pleasure and education.Festivities begin at 9 AM and close at 3 Pm.

I will demonstrate natural perfume preparation from 1-2 Pm. I will prepare several types of natural fragrance and teach about  natural perfumery. I will be at my vendor booth with products and books during the duration of the festival.

See ya soon!

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