Essences when Unpredictable changes occur

Butterfly and Antique Rose essences help us overcome brain fog, inertia and stress of the unknown during constant changes that have become the norm since COVID in 2020. The ways learned from experience and linear thinking will be challenged and unsupportive. We must think on our feet, stay alert and aware ongoing. Every 10 years are changes are faster than the past 100 years during the 20th century. 

We must stay adaptable, creative, flexible and focused at all times. Collaborative teamwork may be necessary to meet ongoing challenges.

Transformation can be successful especially using the Butterfly and Antique Rose Flower Essences. Here are some examples of ways they can enhance understanding and achievement.

The Butterfly Essences specifically help transformation under acute circumstances.

American Lady supports the successful outcome of unexpected stress.

Giant Swallowtail helps move us past limitations.

Grey Hairstreak helps produce positive outcomes from painful experiences.

Monarch promotes motivation and determination for difficult tasks.'  Queen helps us think out of the box.

Painted Lady helps us adapt to every situation.

Variegated Frillary helps take on tasks with a new perception.

Antique Roses encourage and stabilize immediate responses.

Alfredo de Damas: constructive changes to new experiences.

Old Blush: stamina for difficult changes.

Champney's Pink Cluster: Transformation by acceptance.

Cherokee Rose: stimulates creative responses.

Madame Alfred Carriere: answers through dreams, meditation.

Madame Louis Leveque: surrender the need to be in control.

Maggie: envision desired solution.

Marquis Boccella: enhance acuity.

Silver Moon: Stay centered during challenges.



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