Immune Protecters prices slashed for March, 2020

This month, a few of our best selling immune stress reducing products are slashed by $7-$10.00 each. A detailed  description is available on the website pages:

1) Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer: a non alcoholic combination of distilled rosemary, lavenders and citrus flowers from our gardens. Lightly mist hands and massage gently. Protects for hours as it enhances beauty. Skin tone becomes even and darker spots fade with use. A sign of radiant beauty begins with the hands.

2 ounce spray: On Sale for $8.95/ Hand and Body Lotion onsite page

2) Immune Boost Roll on Aromas: a favorite pocket or purse size, 1/2 ounce (15ml) in a sweet almond oil base of rare blooms of Blue Chamomile, Champaca and Osmanthus. The combination of these unique aromas are used in hospitals to reduce viral, allergic and breathing symptoms, while easing tension, anxiety and for some people, pain .

1/2 ounce roll on for the neck or wrist is on sale for $8.95./Roll on Aromas page onsite

3) Cold and Flu spray combines Anise, Ginger and other essences that help support and protect us from seasonal symptoms. Used in hospitals over 25 years with a variety of patients and symptoms. Mist throat and neck 3 x daily or as desired. 

2 ounce (60 ml) blue mister is now on sale for $19.99/ Therapeutic Essence Blend page onsite.

Contact me with concerns: 817 2935410/

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