Timing treatment to the body's internal clock

Research is proving medications and treatments taken in harmony with the body's internal clock improves effectiveness and reduces side effects. This circadian rhythm is regulated by light , or it's absence. Light activates electrical impulses in the brain, the suprachiasmatic nucleus, SCN, to pace hormonal, immune, temperature, feeding, rest and daily behavior in synchrony with Nature.

Oriental medicine and theory  also assign a 2 hour high and low tide for every major organ, according to the circadian clock..

For example: 3 am is high liver time; 4 am is high lung time; 3 pm is low liver time and 4 pm is low lung time. Practitioners adjust their treatment in accordance to our circadian clock.

Researchers have now proven that every disease can be best treated by timing treatment to this circadian clock. A western doctor can best treat high cholesterol at night, which also corresponds to the Oriental theory of high liver energy at 3 am. Breast tumors are best treated during the day to suppress epidermal growth factor receptors. However, ovarian cancer is best treated at night to suppress tumor growth.  Hypertension drugs are best taken at night when blood vessels  better respond to relaxation. Allergy corticosteroid inhalants are best used at night. For all medications, better results and less side effects result. This is called chronotherapy.  

Researchers and advocate physicians of every type agree that a regulated circadian body clock equates to better health. If you suffer from poor sleep unusual appetite, fatigue and lower physical exercise, adjusting  the circadian rhythm can enhance your health.

Please contact me for dietary, herbal, aroma, mineral balance and  blood analysis. I have 40 years research in Western and 20 years of Eastern research and analysis in health longevity.

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