The Yoga of Aroma

The Yoga of Aroma collection releases transformational subtle energy through mental, emotional and physical experiences. How we respond to stressful emotional triggers , changes instantaneously on the subtle level. Our natural, nonalcohol, fragrant perfumes help transform the subtle energy used in every mental, emotional action affecting the body. The Yoga of Aroma includes quick mini meditations to enhance your daily life, hopes and dreams.

Gardenia: Massage 2 drops on the upper chest and sternum. Close your eyes; acknowledge any suffering you are experiencing; feel where your body experiences suffering. Place your hands on this area; breathe deeply to activate self love transforming suffering into success.

As you listen to the symphony of self success flowing within you, massage 2 drops of Jasmine on your wrist. Inhale the aroma slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and practice smiling!

Encourage self appreciation by massaging Magnolia on each side of the neck. Massage your tummy to enhance digestion and think of healthy food choices.

Let go of hurt feelings and anger while massaging Lilac on and around the breasts in a clockwise direction. Take 3 deep breaths, exhaling all of the hurt.

Fill your mind with positive hopes and dreams, affirming happiness now and in the future, as you massage Melissa on each temple, reducing stress and increasing emotional resilience.

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