Ethanol fuels can emit 7% more carbon dioxide

A recent study at  University of Nebraska indicates cellulosic ethanol fuels can emit 7% more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere than gasoline. Research was conducted by Adam Liska's  team and published in Nature Climate Change. The study included the reduction of carbon in the soil left by corn residue. Researchers  noted that removing these residues releases 50-70 grams of carbon dioxide per megajoule of energy from the biofuels produced. The Renewable Fuels Association naturally attacked the research.

Congress needs to look into the use of corn produced biofuels after several years of usage. Americans are paying more for corn and corn derived products to support renewable fuels and clean up the atmosphere. We have the right to know how well this is working and what we can do to improve production. Why pay more and get less?

Please pass this info  to your congressmen and especially senators. Ask them to look into this and be accountable for definitive results. The energy it takes to produce corn biofuels may greatly exceed the benefits, if they exist at all.

Please contact me with concerns and any additional info.

Judy Griffin,PhD.



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