Sweet Violets (Viola Odorata)


Violet is an alluring ancient perfume used to enhance health, innocence and purity. Historically, it has been used to purify the blood, removing waste, enhancing lymphatic drainage, reducing lumps and cysts, protecting skin and a symptoms for cold and respiratory ailments.

Antioxidants, rutin and quercitin have been used to thin blood clots , reduce varicose veins, hemorrhoids and dissolve fibrous breast tissue used topically.  It protects against stubborn skin conditions, acne, bed sores, swollen lymph and inflamed skin.

Historically, it has been useful for bronchitis, sore throat,, tonsillitis, coughs as an expectorant. It was considered cooling for fevers and rheumatic pain that moves, reducing symptoms and exhaustion that follows. Violets were worn on the temples to reduce headache and dizziness. They were also worn as a necklace to prevent headache and drunkenness. Properties include viola- quercitin glycoside antiseptic, salicylic acid. The leaves were used topically for bruises. Both leaves and flowers are anti-inflammatory, nurturing and calming.

Shakespeare described the aroma of fresh violets as forgiving.

Gathering the first violet of spring makes your wish come true and hear only truth.

Testimonial: "It smells like springtime violets and reminds me of happy times," Sara.

"The aroma is wonderful and lasts so long!, Gerry."