Oriental Daze Natural Fragrance (Cinnamon and spices)


Oriental Daze, a highly aromatic Natural Fragrance, increases alertness, reduces overthinking, exhaustion, procrastination, inner coldness and inertia. Stimulating properties increase awareness, while maintaining a calm disposition.

The aromas are extracted from spices and volatile oils, lending a sultry, deeply satisfying sense of wellness and pleasure. The aroma lingers as the psyche experiences the many pleasures of a natural, alluring aroma.  

Massage 2 drops on wrists or on neck 3x daily or as desired.

Testimonial: "Wow! A powerful, relaxing scent that lends more to the recipient over time," Mark.

"Really unique! Makes me smile and feel wonderful, "Nena.

"It keeps me warmer in the winter, and more awake," Bob.

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